New Music: Stro – Already Hooked

Stro – Already Hooked

This is exactly why I have been following Stro or Astronomical Kid as he used to be called for the past five years! At only 18 years of age the young emcee is spitting lyrics harder than majority of rappers in the game right now and he has been for the past five years. First grabbing some fame from appearing on X-Factor in America at the age of 14 the Brooklyn rapper has since released a long list of mixtapes and EP’s which have been incredibly dope to say the least.

Year after year you can hear the young emcee maturing in his lyrics and he’s only getting better. Last year Stro released the underrated EP Computer Era which featured fellow up and comer Bishop Nehru. 2015 has seen the Brooklyn native release a few stray tracks here and there and now Stro has delivered a one take special titled Already Hooked. The track is part of a new freestyle segment from hotnewhiphop called Show & Prove and that’s exactly what Stro does here. The up and comer spits some astronomical bars on this one and its all in one take proving his place in the game.

Everyone needs to stop listening to the commercial garbage that is polluting the airways and start listening to some real shit like Stro. There are so many rappers out there today that are not getting the recognition that they deserve and Stro is definitely one of them. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before this kid really blows up though, because you just can’t deny talent like that.

The instrumental for this one is provided by frequent collaborator BrandUn DeShay and the track is available for download over at Keep you ears out for some new music from Stro and also check out the Show & Prove segment at HNHH.

Listen to Already Hooked below and if you haven’t already go cop Stro’s EP Computer Era on iTunes and also check out all his mixtapes because they’re dope as fuck!


New Music: Stro – Skrrr

Stro – Skrrr 

The rapper formally known as Astro (now Stro) has been making some ripples in the hip hop world over the past couple of years. I’ve been following the Brooklyn emcee for quite some time now and it’s safe to say that he has been getting better with every release. Last year the 18 year old released his first retail release titled Computer Era. A 13 track EP full of boom bap jams that tackles the issue of today’s digital era ruining the authenticity in hip hop.

Staying on the topic of today’s state of rap, Stro releases his latest track titled Skrrr. The song sees the younger rapper discuss what is wrong with the rap game, including things such as gold chains, weak bars, radio playing trap all night and rappers wearing God damn see-through shirts! Everything Stro raps about here is completely true, its hard to believe that he is only 18 years old. Don’t let his age give you doubts though, because the lyrics he spits are more real than majority of stuff getting released in the game right now. Store really is the future of hip hop, I place him right up there with the likes of Kendrick, Joey and Bishop, the leaders on the new school in my opinion.

Production on this one is taken care of by Platinum Pat and he does a solid job of creating a chilling beat for Stro to shred upon. If you haven’t already make sure you check out Computer Era it is available through iTunes and also check out his earlier mixtapes such as Starvin Like Marvin for a Cool J Song and Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics. And obviously check out his latest jam Skrrr below, this is the type of hip hop we want to hearing! Rappers take note, we know Raekwon is!

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New Music: Stro – K.I.N.G. ft Bishop Nehru

Stro – K.I.N.G. ft Bishop Nehru

Now K.I.N.G. is not exactly a new track, it appeared last year on Stro’s (formerly known as Astro) second EP Computer Era, its only now that the track has received a individual release with a video that packs a powerful punch. K.I.N.G. which stands for Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified is a meaningful track that explores the pitfalls of today such as reality TV, gossip media and the commercial rap scene. Featuring along side Stro for this one is up and comer Bishop Nehru and let me tell you these two together make a powerful team. Both Stro and Bishop are younger than 20 years old however; their lyrical game is much stronger than most rappers out there today. I’ve been following both of these MC’s from their early days which makes this track something special, both of them have matured a lot since they started and I can already tell that they are the future of hip hop.

The video for K.I.N.G. sees both Stro and Nehru recreate certain famous poses from the likes of Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Also in the video there is strong referencing to slavery as we see young patrons wearing new sneakers with chains attached to their ankles. This is the type of hip hop we should be hearing today, unfortunately though K.I.N.G. will not receive the recognition it deserves, instead the commercial garbage that is suffocating today’s society will.

Check out the influential track below and make sure you check out the rest of Computer Era which is available on iTunes. But don’t stop there, if you like what you hear you should also check out Bishop Nehru’s collaborative album with the legendary MF DOOM titled NehruvianDOOM. There is also plenty of mix tapes from both MC’s that are definitely worth the download.


Astro Delivers ‘Computer Era’ Album Cover & Tracklist!

Young up and comer Astro has been floating around the scene for quite some time now which makes it hard to believe he is only 18 years old. The Brooklyn rapper has released a number of quality mixtapes over the years however; the time has now come for Astro to release his debut album titled Computer Era. The album which was recorded entirely in Astro’s bedroom is due to drop on December 2nd and today we get to see the album cover and tracklist. The album cover which is a hand drawing of a computer relates to the name of the album and signifies the effect of things such as the internet and social media on music. The tracklist shows some appearances from Flash Gordy, Nathaniel, Noelle Flores and the one I’m most excited about Bishop Nehru. Production comes from a long list of up and coming artists much like Astro himself. Computer Era is definitely one of my most anticipated albums of the year and if it is anything like his previous two mixtapes we should be in for an incredible debut. Take a look at the tracklist below.