New Music!

MED, Blu & Madlib – Knock Knock ft MF DOOM

Artists MED, Blu and Madlib have joined forces and will be releasing an album next month titled Bad Neighbor. The talented trio have worked together on numerous occasions in the past however; this will be their first official project. Earlier in the month we were lucky enough to receive the tracklist for Bad Neighbor which features the likes of Hodgy Beat, Aloe Blacc, Oh No, Anderson.Paak and of course MF DOOM. I would have been surprised had I not seen DOOM’s name somewhere on this album, we all know his relationship with Madlib so its no wonder we see him on the albums first single.

The track is titled Knock Knock and features that groovy, chilled and unique sound that is evident on Madlib & DOOM’s collaborative masterpiece Madvillainy from 2004. In an interview with Rolling Stone MED spoke on DOOM’s verse for the track stating that ‘Doom’s concept was that it’s a text message. He text messages me while I’m not home, so he comes to my house anyway and starts borrowing all kinds of shit, you know, villain-style … going to my house, drinking my beers, going through my DVDs’.

Blu and MED definitely bring their own flare to the table whilst Madlib takes care of the funky, abstract beat. This is certainly one trio I want to hear more of, Bad Neighbor is due to drop on the 30th of October and as mentioned before will feature some stellar guest appearances. So make sure you cop the album and check out the first single titled Knock Knock below and also take a look at the tracklist. Peace.

  1. Greetings
    2. Serving feat. Hodgy Beats
    3. Peroxide feat. Dam-Funk, DJ Romes
    4. Get Money feat. Frank Nitt
    5. Streets feat. Oh No & DJ Romes
    6. The Stroll feat. AMG
    7. Knock Knock feat. MF DOOM
    8. Mad Neighbor
    9. The Strip feat. Anderson.Paak
    10. Finer Things feat. Likewise, Phonte
    11. Burgundy Whip feat. Jimetta Rose
    12. Drive In feat. Aloe Blacc
    13. Belly Ful, feat. Black Spade
    14. Birds
    15. The Buzz feat. Mayer Hawthorne


Stro – Already Hooked

This is exactly why I have been following Stro or Astronomical Kid as he used to be called for the past five years! At only 18 years of age the young emcee is spitting lyrics harder than majority of rappers in the game right now and he has been for the past five years. First grabbing some fame from appearing on X-Factor in America at the age of 14 the Brooklyn rapper has since released a long list of mixtapes and EP’s which have been incredibly dope to say the least.

Year after year you can hear the young emcee maturing in his lyrics and he’s only getting better. Last year Stro released the underrated EP Computer Era which featured fellow up and comer Bishop Nehru. 2015 has seen the Brooklyn native release a few stray tracks here and there and now Stro has delivered a one take special titled Already Hooked. The track is part of a new freestyle segment from hotnewhiphop called Show & Prove and that’s exactly what Stro does here. The up and comer spits some astronomical bars on this one and its all in one take proving his place in the game.

Everyone needs to stop listening to the commercial garbage that is polluting the airways and start listening to some real shit like Stro. There are so many rappers out there today that are not getting the recognition that they deserve and Stro is definitely one of them. I’m sure it will only be a matter of time before this kid really blows up though, because you just can’t deny talent like that.

The instrumental for this one is provided by frequent collaborator BrandUn DeShay and the track is available for download over at Keep you ears out for some new music from Stro and also check out the Show & Prove segment at HNHH.

Listen to Already Hooked below and if you haven’t already go cop Stro’s EP Computer Era on iTunes and also check out all his mixtapes because they’re dope as fuck!


Joe Budden – Slaughtermouse 

It was only last month we were hearing rumours that Joe Budden was about to go in on Royce and Em with a diss on his upcoming album. Royce even took to twitter to confront the fellow slaughterhouse member saying ‘I heard you dissed me and em on your album… you sure you want that problem?. Well either there was never such a track or Budden has thrown it in the trash because his latest track titled Slaughtermouse is an open letter giving nothing but praise to his Shady Records boss Eminem. Throughout the track Budden spits some emotional bars comparing his life to Em’s and asking the Rap God for some advice. He also gives praise to Royce and expresses how much joy it gave him to see him and Em get back together with Bad Meets Evil saying ‘When Bad Met Evil, nigga who was happier than me?/ You woulda thought it was my album and I was on that shit’.

Slaughtermouse will feature on Budden’s upcoming album All Love Lost which is scheduled for an October 16 release. The track is produced by none other than araabMUZIK who provides a chilled and somewhat spiritual beat which fits perfectly with Budden’s deep lyrics. If you’re loving this track than make sure you head over to iTunes and pre-order the album as you will receive Slaughtermouse as an instant download.

So it seems like it’s nothing but love in the Shady Records fam! Check out Slaughtermouse below and cop All Love Lost on October 16. I wonder if Em will pen a letter back….


Kirk Knight – Good Knight ft Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies & Dizzy Wright

Finally the time has come for Pro Era underachiever Kirk Knight to release his debut album…well its almost time. The album titled Late Knight Special is expected to drop somewhere towards the end of October and will feature the likes of fellow Pro Era member Joey Bada$$, Mick Jenkins and the Mind.

After releasing Knight Time the albums first single Kirk has decided to follow that up with another release which keeps the homonym going however; this one will surprisingly not feature on the album. The track is titled Good Knight and it features a strong cast including Joey Bada$$, Flatbush Zombies and Dizzy Wright. Now this is a combination that cannot be fucked with, how this track didn’t make the album is beyond me, it must have just not fit with the overall atmosphere of the album. I suppose in a way its a good thing because we get to hear it now instead of waiting another month for it.

If you are a fan of hip hop than you are going to love this track, those Pro Era boys are really stepping their game up and making a name for themselves. For me Joey is my favourite in the game right now, his style, his flow and that boom bap influence just gets me hyped up. And no you’ve got Kirk and CJ Fly out there killing it as well. Flatbush are always releasing dope shit along with Dizzy who is currently murdering tracks with Funk Volume. I mean its a good time for hip hop, once you look past the commercial garbage you will see that there is some seriously dope shit getting released.

Open your peripheral vision and check out Kirk Knight’s epic tune Good Knight below.


Tech N9ne – Slow To Me ft Krizz Kaliko & Rittz

Tech N9ne’s 16th studio album Collabos Strangeulation II is almost upon us and judging by the latest single it sounds like its going to be a monster of a release. The track is titled Slow To Me and by just reading the name you know Tech is going to be on that double time flow shit. The Kansas City native shows us why he is the king of the rapid-fire flow by absolutely murdering this one. Tech is definitely one of the best in this style if not the best and this track shows us exactly why. You can understand the 43 year old at all times even when he’s spitting in double time whilst he makes it sound like a walk in the park.

Don’t forget about Krizz Kaliko & Rittz though as both rappers keep up with Tech and show why they deserve to be on this track. Spitting incredible flows the two emcees rattle off about how todays rappers  use auto-tune with slow vocal deliveries. I don’t have a problem with slow vocal deliveries but I suppose when you can spit it that fast and it sounds that good you earn the rights to be a cocky motherfucker.

Collabos Strangeulation II is due to drop on November 20th, make sure you cop the album because I can guarantee you it’s going to be something special, it always is with Tech! In the meantime listen to Slow To Me below and make sure you turn your speakers up.


Mac Miller – Clubhouse

I’m getting very keen for the release of Mac Miller’s latest album GO:OD AM which is expected to drop on the 18th of this month. The Pittsburgh rapper has already given us two tracks (100 Grand Kids & Break the Law) from the album which were both incredibly dope. Now he has decided to dish out a third and I can tell you it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The track is titled Clubhouse and it premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show last night. There is a lot of hype surrounding Mac’s third studio album and rightfully so. The young rapper has delivered some incredible music in his time and having not released a studio album in the past two years the spotlight is shining bright on his return. Clubhouse sees Mac distribute his usual killer wordplay over a chilled out but at the same time funky beat.

It’s certainly too early too call however; my spider senses tell me that this could very well be Mac Miller’s greatest album to date. All three releases have been super dope so far and I’m sure he is saving the best till last. Make sure you cop GO:OD AM when it drops on the 18th, in the meantime listen to Clubhouse below. Also check out Break the Law and 100 Grand Kids (my personal favourite).


Big Boi & Phantogram – Fell In The Sun

Having just released the artwork and tracklist for their upcoming EP titled BIG GRAMS, Big Boi & Phantogram have decided to also drop it’s first single Fell In The Sun. The track is accompanied by a uplifting synth beat courtesy of Phantogram whilst Big Boi provides a polished flow. With the warm weather just around the corner Fell In The Sun couldn’t come at a better time. The track is sure to be a summer favourite, it definitely has a festival vibe to it which fans are going to love.

Their debut EP BIG GRAMS which is a portion of each artist name put together, is expected to drop on September 25. The duo have invited a couple of friends along to feature on the EP with the likes of Run the Jewels and Skrillex on board to lend a hand. The EP will contain a total of 7 tracks and its the first project Big Boi has been involved with since his second solo album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumours back in 2012. It may not be a new Outkast record but it is definitely good to hear Big Boi back on some real shit. Make sure you cop the album on September 25 through iTunes, in the meantime check out Fell In The Sun below.



Preemo has been a busy man not just this year but pretty much every year. The recent success of PRhyme the collaboration with Royce Da 5’9 has kept the 49 year old quite busy. Now the Gang Starr legend has started a new project and this time he has decided to ditch the emcee and instead team up with a live band.

The band is called The BADDER and it consists of a drummer, a bassist and two horn players and of course Preemo on the decks. Their first single is titled BPATTER and its a high energy jazz style piece that really gets the heart rate pumping. Of course Preemo brings his incredible scratching skills to the table but he also provides the little vocals that appear in the track (by vocals I mean some quite humorous screaming from the legendary producer).

Whilst this may not be the type of music we would expect from Preemo, it is still some impressive work nonetheless. It’s something different and definitely something that gets the head boppin’. Combining this live band with his impeccable scratching skills is incredibly dope and something I surely want to hear more of. There is an LP in the works, so keep you ears peeled for more, in the mean time check out BPATTER below. Keep it up Preemo!!!


Stro – Skrrr 

The rapper formally known as Astro (now Stro) has been making some ripples in the hip hop world over the past couple of years. I’ve been following the Brooklyn emcee for quite some time now and it’s safe to say that he has been getting better with every release. Last year the 18 year old released his first retail release titled Computer Era. A 13 track EP full of boom bap jams that tackles the issue of today’s digital era ruining the authenticity in hip hop.

Staying on the topic of today’s state of rap, Stro releases his latest track titled Skrrr. The song sees the younger rapper discuss what is wrong with the rap game, including things such as gold chains, weak bars, radio playing trap all night and rappers wearing God damn see-through shirts! Everything Stro raps about here is completely true, its hard to believe that he is only 18 years old. Don’t let his age give you doubts though, because the lyrics he spits are more real than majority of stuff getting released in the game right now. Store really is the future of hip hop, I place him right up there with the likes of Kendrick, Joey and Bishop, the leaders on the new school in my opinion.

Production on this one is taken care of by Platinum Pat and he does a solid job of creating a chilling beat for Stro to shred upon. If you haven’t already make sure you check out Computer Era it is available through iTunes and also check out his earlier mixtapes such as Starvin Like Marvin for a Cool J Song and Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics. And obviously check out his latest jam Skrrr below, this is the type of hip hop we want to hearing! Rappers take note, we know Raekwon is!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 7.48.13 pm


HorseShoe Gang – Half A Meal 

Remember last week when Funk Volume sent out a challenge on Sway in the Morning that they would battle anyone for $500,000? Well that challenge has been accepted and by the sound of things Funk Volume may need to dig deep into their pockets.

The reply comes from California powerhouse HorseShoe Gang. The four brothers from Long beach have stepped up to the plate and delivered one brutal diss titled Half A Meal that is sure to have the Funk Volume boys concerned. Hopsin may have said ‘Anybody in human existence can stand in front of us and we would demolish them‘ however; after hearing HorseShoe gang’s reply he might not be as confident anymore.

I absolutely love this whole idea and personally cannot wait to hear how Funk Volume will reply. Being a fan of both groups its hard to say if Funk Volume will be able to trump HorseShoe’s diss. That being said I’m sure Hopsin and the boys won’t go down without a fight. So keep your ears pealed because there is sure to be a response in the coming days!

Check out HorseShoe Gang’s brutal diss below!


Method Man – Lifestyles ft Freaky Marciano, Cardi & Eazy Get Rite

Method Man’s new album The Meth Lab drops next week however; with all these releases it feels like I have already heard the whole thing. The latest cut is titled Lifestyles and features up and comers Freaky Marciano, Cardi and Eazy Get Rite. If you’re expecting to hear that rugged Mef flow well don’t hold your breath because the Wu-Tang member is even on the track.

Now after listening to all these cuts from the upcoming album and only hearing one Mef verse on each track or in this case none at all, I started to have my doubts with the album. After repeated listens and much thought I have finally realised that this is not a Method Man album, it is rather a platform for the legendary emcee to showcase his crew. Mef is standing back from the spotlight and focusing on other talents and for that you must show a great deal of respect.

Lifestyles is a solid tune with promising verses from all three artists. The Meth Lab is due to drop next week and should make for an interesting listen. Whist the album features a lot of new comers it also has its far share of veterans such as Redman, Streetlife, Raekwon and much more.

Check out Freaky Marciano, Cardi & Eazy Get Rite on Lifestyles below. And make sure you cop The Meth Lab next week!


Rapsody – Don’t Need It (Remix) ft Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ seems to be having a rather busy year thus far. The Brooklyn native released his incredible debut album B4.DA.$$ back in January and has followed it up with numerous features throughout the year. To add to that long list of features Joey has now teamed up with hip hop’s leading woman right now Rapsody. The ex Kooley High member made her breakthrough back in 2010 with the release of her second mixtape Return of the B-Girl. Since then Rapsody has continued to make ripples throughout the hip hop world and finally released her debut solo album The Idea of Beautiful in 2012.

As front runners of the new generation of hip hop it was only a matter of time before these two got together on a track…and what a dope track it is. Whilst it may not be an original cut, this remix of Don’t Need it from Rapsody’s 2014 mixtape Beauty and the Beast is still filled with some fresh vibes. As I mentioned before Joey Bada$$ jumps on here to lend some serious bars and wicked wordplay. The Pro Era member provides his signature rugged flow that we have all grown to love while Rapsody delivers some new lyrics that prove she is on top of her game. Whilst it is a remix the chorus performed by Merna and Young Guru’s production have been kept the same as the original… no complaints there.

Check out the remix below and make sure you go see Joey Bada$$ on his work tour which will be hitting Australian shores in December. Enjoy!


Jay Rock – 90059 ft Lance Skiiwalker

TDE member Jay Rock drops another track following up from Gumbo his release from earlier in the year. The new record is titled 90059 which is a reference to his hometown zip code of LA, California. Joining Jay on this track is the lesser known Lance Skiiwalker, whilst Taebeast provides the dark and rugged beat. Will this track appear on Jay Rocks highly anticipated debut album which is still yet to have a title? Who knows, who even knows when this album will see the light of day. What we do know is that it is sure to be one dope album when it does eventually get released.

90059 is a raw track that sees Jay drop some incredibly aggressive bars. The hook sounds very familiar, maybe its just me but tell me that doesn’t sound like the legendary ODB! I reckon if you asked Jay he would say that there is some influence from the Wu-Tang member, there has to be. Jay Rock is definitely the under achiever of TDE, most of the time he doesn’t receive the credit that he deserves. The boy has some serious talent and hopefully the world will get to see that soon enough with the release of his debut album.

Until then just keep enjoying the music that he is releasing and keep your ears and eyes peeled for Jay’s debut album, its gotta be coming soon. Listen to 90059 featuring Lance Skiiwalker below.


Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids

Mac Miller is back and by the sound of his latest offering he is better than ever. 100 Grandkids is the name of the track and it is the first release from his upcoming album Good A.M. Sending out some feel-good vibes Mac’s first release of the year is easily one of the dopest, and that’s saying something given the year we have had so far. This is the exact type of record I want to hear from Mac Miller, yes I have enjoyed his music in the past but personally I think this track is on another level.

The Pittsburgh native spits straight fire on this one, his wordplay in the first two verses are just plain dope! ‘I swear to God I put the hero in heroine/These flows kilos/I could sell snow to a ski slope’ I could just lay out all the lyrics its literally that good. Sha Money XL provides production and he surely does an amazing job, its the perfect beat to match Mac’s killer flow. Good A.M. will be Mac’s third album and I have to say i think it is going to be his best work to date.

Check out 100 Grandkids below and be sure to cop Good A.M. when it is released on September 18 next month. Even the video clip is wicked! Most Dope!


Mathas – Free Shit ft Ylem & Mei Saraswati

Having just signed with Big Village Records the incredibly talented Mathas has released his latest single titled Free Shit. The track will appear on the Perth emcee’s highly anticipated sophomore album Armwrestling Atlas which is due to drop in October this year. Joining Mathas on this killer tune is fellow WA vocalist Mei Saraswati who provides a soulful touch with her smooth vocals. Completing this full WA ordeal is producer Ylem who lays down a serene, dream-like beat (in other words its dope as fuck).

Emerging from the murky corners of Perth Mathas has made quite the name for himself over the years. Having won numerous awards such as WAM Urban Artist of the year in 2012, 2013 & 2014 the accomplished emcee continues to deliver thought provoking music that is inspiring to say the least. His unique flow and purposeful lyrics are a breath of fresh air in a time where commercial garbage is polluting the airwaves.

Free Shit is an awesome piece of work, from the profound lyrics ‘You are only what you own/You can one day have it all/The playing field is level/Keep kicking that pebble’ all the way to the wicked video clip which was created by COMBS. If this is the first time you are hearing of Mathas then I highly suggest you go check out his catalogue which is available on bandcamp. Everything this guy produces it top quality and by the look of things he has no plan of slowing down, especially now that he has signed with Big Village Records.

Peep Free Shit below and be sure to cop Armwrestling Atlas when it gets released through Big Village Records & The Community records in October this year.


New Music: Warren G – Keep On Hustlin’ ft Jeezy, Bun B & Nate Dogg 

Last month Warren G shared the first track from his upcoming EP Regulate… G Funk Era II (a follow up to his debut album Regulate… G Funk Era). The track was titled My House and whilst it featured the first posthumous Nate Dogg vocals that we have heard in some time, it wasn’t that sound we are all familiar with, it just didn’t sound like the Nate Dogg we all love and miss.

Well now the G Child has released another cut from the upcoming album titled Keep On Hustlin’ and it also happens to feature Nate Dogg on the hook. However; this time those soulful vocals are in full effect, this is the Nate Dogg I remember! Goosebumps from head to toe hearing that beautiful voice again. Joining Warren G & Nate on this one is the likes of Jeezy and Bun B who both deliver a stellar performance. Warren G is back ladies and gentlemen and whilst it very well could be for the last time, at least he is going out with a bang. Cannot wait to hear the rest of this EP!

Have a listen to Keep On Hustlin’ below and be sure to cop the EP when it is released some time later this year. R.I.P. Nate Dogg! The greatest voice in hip hop lives on!


Erick Sermon – Clutch ft Method Man & Redman

The last time these three were on a track together was back in 2009 with Mrs International off Mef and Red’s second collaborative album Blackout 2. Now six years later the trio have reunited on Erick Sermon’s latest offering Clutch which will appear on his upcoming album titled E.S.P. (Erick Sermon Perception). A wicked beat supported by some soulful samples and what sounds like some catchy trumpets is accompanied by some killer verses by all three legendary emcees.

Its great to hear these guys still at there best, Method man sounds as good as he did back in the Wu-Tang days and the same can be said about Erick and Red. All three artists are expected to drop new albums this year which is a massive plus for the world of hip hop. Method Man’s The Meth Lab is expected to drop next month along with Erick’s E.S.P. whilst Redman’s Muddy Waters 2 is scheduled to be released sometime later this year. And lets not forget Blackout 3 which is also in the talks of a 2015 release. This year has already been a positive year for hip hop and things only look to be getting better with a long list of promising albums still to drop.

Check out Clutch below and make sure you cop E.S.P. when it drops on August 28.


SoulCircuit – Rolling With Me (I Got Love) ft Maverick Sabre (Nyck Caution Remix)

It’s not the type of track you would usually expect from a Pro Era member however; Nyck caution has decided to switch things up with his latest offering which is a cool remix of SoulCircuit’s Rolling With Me (I Got Love). More commonly associated with an old school bom bap sound the Pro Era member steps out of his comfort zone and delivers a groovy deep house influenced remix which certainly pays off.

The original track which is performed by SoulCircuit and features English singer/songwriter Maverick Sabre was released earlier in the year. Hip Hop fans should recognise the lyrics as they are taken from the late G Funk king Nate Dogg’s classic track Got Love off of his second studio album Music & Me. Nyck stays close to the original on this remix but at the same time ad’s his own distinct flavour to it that gives the track a deeper grove. At the beginning of the song the Pro Era goon jumps on the mic and drops a solid verse that proves he can deliver in both areas.

Check out the remix below and keep an ear out for anything coming out of the Pro Era camp because you just know its going to be dope!


Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday

It may be cool to like the Black Eyed Peas again!

If you’re like myself and majority of the hip hop lovers out there then I’m sure you were utterly disappointed when the Black Eyed Peas transformed from a funky bom bap crew to a bunch of commercial pop divas. Their work pre Fergie (2002) is the definition of hip hop, tracks like Joint & Jam, Karma, Get Original and Cali to New York certified their position in the game. If the Black Eyed Peas sound continued down this path then I have no doubts that they would have been remembered as one of the dopest/grooviest hip hop groups alongside crews such as De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and A Tribe Called Quest.

Unfortunately though their sound took a completely different path and landed into the world of ‘commercial electro pop’. Their demise into this vortex of shit music can be traced back to their 2003 album Elephunk however; it wasn’t until the release of Monkey Business in 2005 that things truly took a turn for the worst. Whilst Elephunk stood its ground up to a point offering us a number of solid tunes such as The APL Song and The Boogie That Be, Monkey Business on the other hand managed to offer nothing but a pile of commercial pop garbage with the exception of Like That. Tracks such as My Humps and Don’t Phunk With My Heart really flipped the groups sound and image and from then on things just got worse and worse. How can a group that gave us Joints & Jam be capable of creating something like Don’t Stop the Party? Fingers are usually pointed straight at Fergie and whilst I believe she is partly at fault can she really be blamed for the demise of the Black Eyed Peas, I mean, and Taboo must take some of the blame as well, how could they allow for such a different direction in sound and image, couldn’t they see that this new music they were creating was commercial garbage or were the dollar signs blinding their vision?.

Now with all that being said the groups latest single Yesterday has taken a complete U-turn and goes back to that classic bom bap sound we fell in love with all those years ago. The track which funnily enough doesn’t feature Fergie pays homage to the classic hip hop of the 80’s and 90’s. The group go back to their roots by sampling and referencing a long list of records/artists from these glorious era’s and can be seen ruffling through vinyl’s at a record store further paying an ode to the golden times. Many are arguing that the video clip is a complete rip off of Erykah Badu’s Honey and whilst it certainly is I’m sure Badu would have been approached and agreed upon terms for BEP to create something similar (well at least I hope that’s what happened).

Artists that receive a shout out in this gorgeous homage include N.W.A, De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Black Sheep, Das EFX and many more. This is the type of music the Black Eyed Peas should be making, fuck all that commercial pop bullshit and start making more tunes like this. Hopefully their new album will consist of tracks like Yesterday, but even if it does it feels like it might be a little to late, the damage has already been done with the painful garbage they have inflicted on the world in the past 10 years.

All that being said Yesterday is easily one of my favourite releases of the year and you can listen to it below.


Joell Ortiz – Hallelujah

Joell Ortiz is definitely one of the most underrated rappers today, the Slaughterhouse member has been spitting some of the dopest bars for years now however; he doesn’t receive the credit which he deserves. Whilst the Brooklyn native admits he won’t be going double platinum anytime soon we hope his upcoming project with beat maestro !llmind will create the merit it deserves. The duo will combine to bring us an entire album titled Human which is expected to drop on July 17th, followed by a tour starting on the 22nd.

We are yet to hear any music from the album (which is killing us) however; the pair dropped by the hotnewhiphop studios the other day and came up with this 3 and a half minute track titled Hallelujah. !llmind apparently came up with the beat in the studio which shows just how much of a dope producer he is, whilst Ortiz goes hard out spitting some lethal bars that is sure to get any hip hop fan hyped up for this album.

As mentioned earlier the album is due out tomorrow so make sure you buy that shit (don’t download it) and in the meantime check out Hallelujah below.


Warren G – My House ft Nate Dogg

Last week the ‘G Child’ Warren G announced that he would be releasing a follow up to his 1994 debut album Regulate… G Funk Era. What was most exciting about the announcement was the fact that the late Nate Dogg would appear on the album by the way of some unreleased vocals recorded before his passing back in 2011. The news sent fans like myself into overjoy as we have been anxiously waiting to hear some new vocals from the man with the golden voice, because lets face it there must be some unreleased stuff locked up in the vaults.

Now just a few days after announcing the album, Warren G has dropped its first cut and of course it features none other than the one and only Nate Dogg however; it doesn’t sound like the Nate Dogg I remember. The track which is titled My House, has a dope 90’s style beat to it with some killer verses from Warren G but when it comes to Nate Dogg’s hook I’m left scratching my head wandering if this is in fact the G Funk king. A constant loop of Nate saying the word ‘my’ in a higher pitch than usual is used as the hook which to be honest is a major let down. As the hook ends we get close to hearing that voice we are all used to when Nate sings ‘In the middle of the street’ but even still it doesn’t sound quite right.

The song takes some strong samples from both Mr Fingers’ Can You Feel It and also Madness’ Our House which can be heard in the hook. Whilst there was no mention of exactly how many songs Nate Dogg will feature on we can only hope that this is not the only one. I’m not saying the song is bad I actually think its dope however; its not exactly the Nate Dogg feature I was expecting. The EP is expected to drop in the coming months, keep an ear out for what is sure to be another G Funk spectacular. Listen to My House below!


The Underachievers – Take Your Place

The Underachievers are on their way to achieving the release of their sophomore album which is scheduled to be released some time this year. Whilst the duo have given us the name of the album Evermore: The Art of Duality a secure release date is yet to be assigned. To coincide with the album both AK and Issa Gold have announced they will also take off on a world tour to help promote the album (dates for the tour are also yet to be revealed).

Take Your Place is the title of the first single off the album and much to the fans delight its an absolute killer. The track features a hard hitting punch with that very familiar Flatbush sound. Both AK and Issa go extremely hard on this one spitting straight fire, showing everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. The duo had a very big year last year, releasing their debut album Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium and also delivering their collaborative EP Clockwork Indigo with fellow Beastcoast group Flatbush Zombies (both projectes were off the hook). 2015 looks set to be just as big for the duo, already they have been constantly touring alongside Flatbush Zombies as Clockwork Indigo and now with their sophomore album in sights with a world tour in the works things could not be going any better for one of the best rising duo’s in hip hop.

Get familiar with Take Your Place below and be sure to keep an ear out for Evermore: The Art of Duality!



Method Man – Reporting From the Slums ft Yah-Sin & Spank

Method Man just keeps releasing new music, with news of his upcoming album The Math Lab expected to drop on August 21st the Wu-Tang member has been busy dropping tracks left, right and centre. Like a number of songs released from the New York native in the past few months Meth’s latest offering Reporting From the Slums will not feature on The Meth Lab, instead it will serve as a preparation track to hold fans over until the albums release.

Much like the other leaks we have heard from Meth recently Reporting From the Slums doesn’t make a big enough splash and that all comes down to the features in my opinion. Meth as usual kills his verse and its good to hear the Staten Island legend still at the top of his game but unfortunately the track is let down due to weak features from Yah-Sin & Spank and a very lousy hook (the beat is nothing to get excited about either). Whilst Mr. Meth has been dropping tracks all over the place we’re only getting one verse from him on each one and its upsetting to say the least because the tracks have so much potential but they just need more Meth!

What’s even more upsetting is the tracklist for The Meth Lab, 18 new songs and not one of them sees Method Man on his own, every track has a feature and to me that is a real let down. I’m still looking forward to the album no doubt and I’m sure it will be a solid offering however; I think the inclusion of at least a few solo joints would have been better. In saying that I have only heard one track off the album so I really can’t say much but that is my prediction nonetheless I’m still keen as fuck for the album, especially the Redman feature! Listen to Reporting From the Slums below.


Jay Rock – Gumbo

He may not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of TDE however; Jay Rock is slowly making his way up the ranks and is expected to be next in line in terms of TDE releases. The LA rapper has flown under the radar since the release of his debut album Follow Me Home but by the looks of things that’s all about to change after rumours suggest that his yet to be named sophomore album will be the next project to surface from the TDE collective.

Earlier in the year Jay treated us with Money Trees Deuce, a killer follow up to Kendrick’s Money Trees which Jay superbly featured on. A month later and the TDE member is at it again with his latest offering Gumbo. J.LBS provides the production which sends out a mellow vibe with a somewhat psychedelic guitar riff that sounds like its come straight from the 70’s. Jay works with the beat to perfection producing a chilled flow that at the same time stamps a strong presence and authority.

Jay Rock is a man on a mission, whilst we have only received one album from the underrated emcee, signs are pointing to promising things in the future. Hopefully we will get that sophomore album sometime this year, in the meantime check out his latest track Gumbo below.


Statik Selektah – Crystal Clear ft Royce Da 5’9″

Statik Selektah has released yet another cut from his seventh studio album Lucky 7 which is actually available from today. This time the Boston native has hooked up with Detroit’s second greatest living emcee Royce Da 5’9″ and together they have cooked up something special. Crystal Clear is the name of the track and its an absolute gem, a perfectly constructed tune that highlights both Statik’s on point production and Royce’s killer wordplay. This isn’t the first time the pair have worked together, over the years Royce has featured on a total six tracks for the beat maestro however; Crystal Clear is the first time that its been just the two of them. Statik provides his trademark jazz-like influenced production that packs a strong boom bap punch whilst Royce delivers some serious bars which show the Detroit emcee is at the top of his game.

From what we have heard so far it seems that Lucky 7 is going to be another classic album for Statik unfortunately though it looks like it could be his last as the legendary producer stated that ‘Lucky 7 is going to be my last compilation album in the style that I have been doing the last seven albums’. As upsetting as that sounds don’t be to devastated as the born and raised Boston artist still plans on doing collab projects and work on other artist albums. Check out Crystal Clear below and be sure to cop Lucky 7 online.


Eminem – Kings Never Die ft Gwen Stefani

Yesterday we heard a 30 second snippet of Eminem’s Kings Never Die feat Gwen Stefani which will feature on the soundtrack of upcoming film Southpaw. To be honest I had my doubts before I even pressed play but after listening to this snippet I have to say I was quite impressed, definitely not what I was expecting. Today however; we received a leaked version of the full track and unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the expectation created by that 30 second snippet. There is something about this new Eminem that I just can’t get into, whilst his lyrical game is still at the top it’s his sound that I’m just not feeling, for someone who grew up on early 90’s late 00’s Eminem its becoming hard to listen to his new records.

Kings Never Die is not terrible however; it just doesn’t feel like an Eminem track, I guess most of his new shit doesn’t or maybe I’m just living in the past and need to move on. The song see’s Slim Shady go in on critics, wack rappers and stupid fans whilst also explaining how he wants to be remembered as a king of the game and leave a mark in hip hop that know one will ever forget ‘Tryna secure your legacy like Shakur/ And ensure that nobody’s ever gonna be what you were’. DJ Khalil provides the guitar heavy beat which I think is my biggest problem with the track, I’m really not a fan of his somewhat rock style production which can also be heard on other disappointing Em tracks such as Won’t Back Down and Survival. Whilst the song says featuring Gwen Stefani the ex No Doubt front woman only plays a very small role, nonetheless though she executes it well. Ultimately I like to think of listening to Kings Never Die as similar to eating corn chips, they’re both nothing special on their own but put together with something else they become dope! In the corn chips case it’s dip and in the Kings Never Die case it’s Southpaw. I’m sure when you are watching Southpaw in the cinema this song will sound dope when it comes on.

Listen to Kings Never Die below and check out the Southpaw soundtrack which drops on July 24th.


Statik Selektah – Top Tier ft Bun B, Styles P & Sean Price

Last year beat maestro Statik Selektah released his start studded sixth studio album What Goes Around, a jazz influenced record with a blend of old and new school artists. This year the Boston native is back at it again and gearing up to release his seventh studio album titled Lucky 7. Much like What Goes Around, Lucky 7 will also feature a combination of veterans and new comers judging by the albums tracklist. A few weeks ago we heard the albums first release Beautiful Life an uplifting tune which features Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$ (the two new schoolers seem to be accumulating a solid list of songs together, hopefully with more to come). With the new school showing off their skills Statik has decided to bring in the veterans for the albums second release Top Tier. The track features legends of the game Bun B, Styles P and Sean Price all whom of which appeared on last years What Goes Around. This time round the three old schoolers combine on the same track to bring us a deep, chilled out symphony that shows none of them have any plans of slowing down.

Lucky 7 is due to drop on July 6 and will feature artists such as Royce Da 5’9″, Joey Bada$$, Talib Kweli, CJ Fly, Buckshot and Ab Soul just to name a few. Have a listen to Top Tier below.


Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge – Let the Record Spin ft Raekwon

Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge are back together to bring us Twelve Reasons To Die II, the sequel to their 2013 album Twelve Reasons To Die. Last month we got our first taste of the album as the duo released Return of the Savage which featured fellow Wu-Tang members Raekwon and RZA. To keep the hype flowing the pair have decided to release another track off the album, this time it’s the old-school sounding Let the Record Spin. Raekwon again lends his raw flow on this one and judging by the albums tracklist we’ll be hearing a lot from him throughout.

What I love most about this track is that it sounds like it was made in the 90’s, apparently the whole album was recorded on analog tape to give it that old school sound (tell me that isn’t dope as fuck!). Now Ghost has been releasing some incredibly wicked music lately (36 Seasons, Sour Soul), Raekwon’s latest album Fly International Luxurious Art was sick and Method Man’s The Meth Lab looks set to be a killer, so why was A Better Tomorrow so average? These guys are releasing such dope solo music and yet when they all got together for what should have been an amazing album they failed. Is RZA to blame? To be honest I don’t really know, I guess that’s a conversation for another time.

What I do know is this record is hot and I’m sure the album will too, so listen to Let the Record Spin below and be sure to cop the album when it drops on July 10.


Obie Trice – Good Girls

Obie Trice real name no gimmicks! The long awaited return of the Detroit emcee is finally over. Whilst we’ve heard a few tracks here and there in recent years it still feels like forever since we last heard a solo joint from Obie however; that’s all about to change as the Eminem affiliate is back behind the mic. You heard correctly Obie trice is back behind the mic and will be releasing a new album later this year titled The Hangover and to show his gratitude to all the patient fans he has released the albums lead single Good Girls. Judging by that title I’m pretty sure you can all predict what the track will sound like before you even listen to it, so whatever you think it is going to sound like you’re probably right.

Obie brings a very solid flow on this one and I have to admit it feels damn good to hear that voice again. Unfortunately though the track is basically ruined thanks to one of the worst hooks I have heard in a long time, what on earth was he thinking? It sounds like it should be part of a Steve Aoki song or something. And the production which is provided by Magnedo is nothing to get excited about either, I’m sure it will take off in the clubs but hopefully there isn’t too much similar sounding tracks on the album. On a positive note though Obie sounds like he is having fun and I’m sure we will gain some quality tracks from The Hangover.

Check out Good Girls below and be sure to cop The Hangover when it drops sometime later this year.



Asher Roth – That’s Cute

Pennsylvania MC Asher Roth has combined with frequent collaborator Chuck Inglish to bring us a fresh new jam titled That’s Cute. It’s the first track we’ve heard from the creative rapper since the release of his sophomore album RetroHash last year. Chuck provides an incredibly dope beat with his trademark low bass lines and I have to say it works a fucking treat. While it could almost be mistaken for a Cool Kids track, Roth brings his own unique flow that makes this one a super funky track. There is no word on whether this is part of an upcoming project however; I would like to think that Roth is cooking up something special for hopefully a 2015 release. Chuck on the other hand seems to be keeping busy, last week we heard the track 2003 which will appear on his upcoming album Everybody’s Big Brother which we hope will also drop this year.

Check out the bumpin’ track below!


Method Man – Serious ft Hanz On

It was only last week that we discovered the release date for Method Man’s upcoming album The Meth Lab, however; that hasn’t stopped the Wu-Tang member from giving us a sneak peak at what is to come. Along with the release date announcement last week (August 21st) we were also lucky enough to receive the albums title track the Meth Lab which features Hanz On and Streetlife and was accompanied by a Breaking Bad themed video clip. The track see’s Meth bring his trademark raw flow and as usual it’s dope, Streetlife also makes a good contribution but it’s a shame the same can’t be said for Hanz On.

Unfortunately Hanz On makes a return for Serious, the latest track to be leaked off the album. Meth while not at his best still provides some wicked words however; the track is brought down by the amateur sounding Hanz On. I have a feeling that Hanz On is going to feature quite heavily on the Meth Lab which is a worrying thought, hopefully we don’t hear too much of him. I just want to hear Meth on his own bringing that raw and rugged flow that we all love, and obviously the Redman feature.

Check out Serious below and prepare yourselves for the release of The Meth Lab on August 21, you’ve been warned!


Statik Selektah – Beautiful Life ft Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$

Last year Statik Selektah graced us with What Goes Around, a solid album filled with soothing jazz influenced beats along with a very long list of new and old MC’s. Not even a year later and the beat maestro is at it again with a new album in the works titled Lucky 7. The album is scheduled to drop on July 7 and like What Goes Around it will feature a tremendous amount of dope MC’s starting off with frequent collaborators Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$. Both Action and Joey featured on What Goes Around whilst Action also featured on Joey’s debut album B4.DA.$$ so you know that the chemistry is there. Both MC’s bring their own unique flow which combines smoothly with Statik’s funky feel good beat.

Whilst Action goes hard I find myself just waiting for Joey to come in and as usual he absolutely kills it, his flow fits just perfectly to Statik’s groovy production. Statik Selektah is a man who just won’t stop working, he is constantly busy working on albums here, there and everywhere. His beats are always on point and as Funk Flex of Hot 97 puts it ‘if DJ Premier and Dre had a brother it would be Statik Selektah’. Cop the tracklist for Lucky 7 below and also check out the first single Beautiful Life.


1. Intro ft. Hannibal Buress
2. Another Level ft. Rapsody
3. Beautiful Life ft. Action Bronson & Joey Bada$$
4. Hood Boogers ft Your Old Droog & Chauncy Sherod
5. The Locker Room ft. Dave East
6. In The Wind ft. Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T. & Chauncy Sherod
7. Crystal Clear ft. Royce Da 5’9”
8. How You Feel ft. Mick Jenkins
9. Murder Game ft. Smif N Wessun, Young M.A & Buckshot
10. Gentlemen ft. Illa Ghee, Sean Price & Fame of M.O.P.
11. Bodega! Ft. Bodega Bamz
12. The Trophy Room ft. Skyzoo, Ea$y Money, Domo Genesis & Masspike Miles
13. Sucker Free ft. JFK
14. Wall Flowers ft Your Old Droog, Termanology, & Lord Sear
15. Top Tier ft. Sean Price, Bun B, & Styles P
16. Silver Lining ft. ASAP Twelvyy, Kirk Knight, & Chauncy Sherod
17. Cold ft. Wais P & Jared Evan
18. All You Need ft. Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, & Elle Varner
19. Scratch Off ft. CJ Fly, Talib Kweli & Cane
20. Alone ft. Joey Bada$$
21. Harley’s Blues


Stro – K.I.N.G. ft Bishop Nehru

Now K.I.N.G. is not exactly a new track, it appeared last year on Stro’s (formerly known as Astro) second EP Computer Era, its only now that the track has received a individual release with a video that packs a powerful punch. K.I.N.G. which stands for Keeping Ignorant Niggas Glorified is a meaningful track that explores the pitfalls of today such as reality TV, gossip media and the commercial rap scene. Featuring along side Stro for this one is up and comer Bishop Nehru and let me tell you these two together make a powerful team. Both Stro and Bishop are younger than 20 years old however; their lyrical game is much stronger than most rappers out there today. I’ve been following both of these MC’s from their early days which makes this track something special, both of them have matured a lot since they started and I can already tell that they are the future of hip hop.

The video for K.I.N.G. sees both Stro and Nehru recreate certain famous poses from the likes of Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton and Minister Louis Farrakhan. Also in the video there is strong referencing to slavery as we see young patrons wearing new sneakers with chains attached to their ankles. This is the type of hip hop we should be hearing today, unfortunately though K.I.N.G. will not receive the recognition it deserves, instead the commercial garbage that is suffocating today’s society will.

Check out the influential track below and make sure you check out the rest of Computer Era which is available on iTunes. But don’t stop there, if you like what you hear you should also check out Bishop Nehru’s collaborative album with the legendary MF DOOM titled NehruvianDOOM. There is also plenty of mix tapes from both MC’s that are definitely worth the download.


Eminem – Phenomenal

He’s back again! However; this time its for the soundtrack of Southpaw, an upcoming boxing film starring Jake Gyllenhaal. Rumours have been circulating that Eminem was actually considered for the main role but eventually it was handed over to Gyllenhaal which to be honest seems like a better fit. That’s not to say that Marshall isn’t a good actor though, his performance in 8 Mile was pure quality, I’m not to sure how he would go as a boxer though (I guess we’ll never know). So instead of starring Eminem will feature heavily on the film’s soundtrack with Phenomenal being the film’s feature song. Now look I’ve said this a million times and it doesn’t change Eminem is and always will be my favourite rapper of all time however; lately I feel like all of music is starting to sound the same. It almost feels like he is trying to fit as many words in a sentence as possible and ultimately its killing his flow (well that’s how I feel anyway). Around the three minute mark things pick up and his final verse packs a solid punch but its not enough to say the track is dope. I really hate to say this but unfortunately I just don’t get as hyped when I hear of a new Eminem track anymore. I keep hoping that he is going to release some crazy ass old school shit but it doesn’t look like its going to happen. On the Brightside though the film looks like its going to be quite epic, hopefully Em is saving the dopeness for the other tracks on the soundtrack (there goes that hope again!).

Check out the new track below


Method Man – The Meth Lab ft Hanz On & Streetlife

2015 has produced some amazing work so far in regards to hip hop and it looks like its only going to get better. Already we have seen some monster releases such as B4.DA.$$, To Pimp A Butterfly, At. Long. Last. ASAP, The Good Fight and Tetsuo & Youth and that’s only in the first five months. The second half of the year looks as if its going to be just as good with a long list of exciting albums set to drop. Sitting at the top of that list is ‘The Meth Lab’, Method Man’s fifth album and first in almost a decade. If you’re a hip hop fan and the thought of a new Method Man album doesn’t get you hyped, then what the fuck? Don’t let the average sounds of ‘A Better Tomorrow’ give you doubts, if it was up to Meth I’m sure that album would have sounded different, it may have sounded something like his latest track ‘The Meth Lab’.

Featuring his trademark rugged flow Meth so effortlessly delivers a killer verse that shows the legendary MC has no plans of slowing down. Whilst I would have preferred to see Meth perform the whole track, Hanz On and Streetlife do a good enough job to keep us from having any doubts (Streetlife more so than Hanz On). The video for the track takes on the theme of Breaking Bad which sees Meth, Hanz On and Streetlife all decked out in Walter White attire, cooking up a storm (its the perfect combination). The album is expected to drop on August 21st and will feature the likes of Redman, Raekwon and Inspectah Deck. Whilst it might not reach the level of best hip hop album of the year, I think its safe to say its the album I’m most excited for. M-E-T-H-O-D MAN! Check out the new track and video below and prepare yourself for what is sure to be a wicked album!


Chuck Inglish – 2003 ft Grey Sweatpants

It’s been far too long since we last heard a new solo joint from Cool Kids MC Chuck Inglish. The Michigan rapper/producer has been fairly quiet since the release of his debut album ‘Convertibles‘ however; that’s all about to change as the funky maestro prepares to release his next project ‘Everybody’s Big Brother’. Whilst the album is yet to receive a release date, we have been graced with its lead single titled ‘2003’. In a recent interview with Hotnewhiphop Chuck revealed that the name pays homage to the year that was 2003, ‘that was one of the more pivotal years in hip hop’. Chuck goes on to explain that 2003 was such a great year because it had ‘Chappelle Show, Jay Z’s Black Album and camera phones’ whilst I can’t argue with Chuck’s comments I would add 50 Cents Get Rich or Die Tryin’, J Dilla & Madlib’s Champion Sound and Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol 1 to that list.

That’s enough blabbering! ‘2003’ is a bom bap track at heart with a modern spin that keeps it fresh. Crisp drums and a low baseline really make you feel like your listening to a track from 03. Newcomer Grey Sweatpants who happens to be Chuck’s cousin features on the track and shows everyone he’s got some fire to burn whilst Chuck is flawless as usual. A killer track that honours the year 2003 in style, to say I’m keen for this album would definitely be an understatement. Check out ‘2003’ below, I’m sure it will make you dig out your 03 records.

Kanye West – All Day ft Kendrick Lamar

Last week we heard what we presume was a demo version of Kendrick Lamar’s verse for the alternative version of Kanye West’s new hit All Day. Now today we are confronted with the full version which features Kanye’s original verses plus Kendrick’s fast flowing contribution which sounds incredibly dope. I think its safe to say that Kendrick can do no wrong, I don’t think there is much better in the game right now however; that’s not taking anything away from Kanye who also goes hard on this track. Will this version appear on Kanye’s new album which is scheduled to drop this year? Who knows, all we know is these two sound dope as fuck together and we hope there is more to come in the future. 2015 is really shaping up to be a great year for hip hop! Listen to the bumpin’ track below and keep an ear out for Kanye’s new album because you can be sure it will drop without warning!

Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs – Fetti (Produced by Alchemist & Oh No)

We are only three and a half months into the year but already 2015 seems to be a better year for hip hop than the whole of 2014. We’ve seen some killer releases including Joey’s B4.DA.$$, Kendrick’s To Pimp A Butterfly, just yesterday we got Tyler’s career changing Cherry Bomb and now we receive legendary producers Alchemist and Oh No’s collaborative album Welcome To Los Santos. The pair who go by the name of Gangrene have put together a Grand Theft Auto inspired album which features the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Action Bronson, E-40, A$AP Ferg, Danny Brown and two heavyweights Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs who feature on the albums latest release Fetti. The beat has a smooth mysterious vibe to it which really connects with each rappers flow. Curren$y brings his chilled out style while Gibbs delivers his usual aggressive flow, both styles compliment each other creating one perfect track. Take a listen to Fetti below and be sure to check out the rest of the album, you can stream the entire album on


Snoop Dogg – So Many Pros

Sticking to the feel good, up-tempo vibes Snoop Dogg releases his second single from his upcoming album Bush. So Many Pros is the name and its another groovy track that again features Charlie Wilson with some background vocals this time. Pharrell provides some more funky rhythms on this one however; I’d have to say I think I slightly prefer the albums first single Peaches N Cream but nonetheless its an enjoyable track. Bush seems to be heading in a good direction, lets hope the rest of the album lives up to the expectation. Check out So Many Pros below and get ready for the albums May 12th release!


Snoop Dogg – Peaches N Cream ft Charlie Wilson

As previously mentioned Snoop Dogg is almost set to release his 13th solo album titled Bush. The highly anticipated album which is due out May 12th is produced completely by Pharrell Williams and the first single is titled Peaches N Cream. The track features a very groovy vibe with some vocals from Charlie Wilson. Snoop mentioned that the album will have a ‘feel good atmosphere’ to it and judging by its first single he aint wrong. To be honest I thought the days of Snoop producing a good track were long gone however; Peaches N Cream has given me a little bit of hope. Some of Snoop’s best work has come from his collaborations with Pharrell, hopefully the pair can produce something special this time round… well lets just hope its better than Reincarnated (that shouldn’t be to hard.) Check out the new funky single below, along with the retro style film clip.


Flatbush Zombies – RedEye To Paris ft Skepta

Flatbush Zombies are quickly becoming one of my favourite acts, their unique style and raw flow brings a new found excitement to the hip hop stage and their latest track RedEye To Paris is a prime example. All three zombies spit quality verses on this one as does London native Skepta who also features on the track. Skepta who is more well known in the London grime scene has recently been receiving a lot of praise from artists such as Kanye and Drake. Produced by zombie Erick Arc Elliot RedEye To Paris is over five minutes of pure dopeness! Be sure to check out both these artists and check out the new track below!


AZ – Vintage

Its been a while since I have updated this page and I know no one probably looks at this page anyways but there is so much good hip hop out there at the moment that I just have to share it even if no one is listening! Back to the music! AZ one of the most underrated rappers in the history of hip hop has collaborated with producer Rodney Hazard to bring us a soothing piece of brilliance titled Vintage. The songs title was created by AZ who after recording was completed said ‘This shit sounds like it will be around forever, I need to call in Vintage. The track will appear on Hazard’s upcoming debut album Victim Volunteer, also keep an ear out as AZ looks to release his highly anticipated Doe or Die II which he states will be his last and final album. Check out the new track below!


Freddie Gibbs – Satin Black ft Hanni El Khatib

Converse’s ‘CONS’ EP’s have give us some amazing tunes over the last year with some rather strange collaborations. Vol 1 saw Flatbush Zombies together with Trash Talk, Vol 2 saw Black Milk combine with BADBADNOTGOOD and now Vol 3 see’s Freddie Gibbs collaborate with LA based producer Hanni El Khatib on the track titled Satin Black. Gibbs goes hard as usual over a beat that is out of his comfort zone but that’s not a negative comment about the beat, Khatib has done a killer job with the production. We hear the beat change up numerous times which keeps us eager to keep listening. A great track that has us excited for the rest of Vol 3. Check out Satin Black below!


Aesop Rock – Cat Food

So we haven’t heard any solo work from Aesop Rock since 2012 and then in just a matter of minutes we get two incredibly dope tracks! The first track we heard was Bug Zapper which featured a really cool funky, futuristic beat which Aesop produced himself. The next track he has released is titled Cat Food, the beat is not as heavy as Bug Zapper however; it does have that futuristic vibe to it. Whilst Aesop produced Bug Zapper, Cat Food features production from regular collaborator Blockhead and he does a solid job to say the least. Aesop goes hard on both of these new tracks with an aggressive tone that fits perfectly with the grungy production. Still no word has been spoken about a new album or anything but fingers crossed something is in the works. Check out Cat food below!


Aesop Rock – Bug Zapper

Its been a hell of a while since we last heard some solo work from Aesop rock (2012 to be exact). However; the Cali rapper has finally dropped some new solo material and its DOPE! Bug Zapper is the name of the track and it features a funky bass heavy beat that has a Run The Jewels flavour to it, I was pretty surprised to find out Aesop was behind the futuristic sound. There is no news on a new album or anything really at the moment, so lets just keep listening to this in the mean time and hopefully there will be some more tunes in the not to distant future. Take a listen to Bug Zapper below!


MC Ren – Burn Radio Burn ft Redd Tha Arsonist

Hip Hop veteran MC Ren has been fairly quiet for some time now however; the NWA legend has released a new track titled Burn Radio Burn which targets radio DJs. The new track which also features Redd Tha Arsonist and is produced by E-A-Ski takes shots at all modern day radio DJs besides DJ Kay Slay, King Tech of the wake up show and Sway of course. Last year Ren released a track titled Rebel Music which took aim at moderns emcees, it seems the veteran is not happy with the way hip hop is portrayed nowadays… can you blame him? Burn Radio Burn is expected to be on MC Ren’s upcoming album titled Rebel Music which is rumoured to be released later this year. Check out the heated new track below!



C Dot Castro – Fuck About You

He might not be the biggest name in hip hop, actually I’m pretty sure a lot of people would never have even heard of him however; C Dot Castro is certainly making a name for himself and his latest single Fuck About You is one of the reasons why. With his debut mixtape titled Don’t Over Think along the way C Dot Castro has released two tracks which will be appearing on the highly anticipated project including Kilos and his latest offering Fuck About You. Opting for a more chilled out vibe Fuck About You is a personal track that deals with the loss of friendships at the cost of fame. The song is produced by in-house beatmaker Jae Faive who we can expect to feature quite a fair bit on Don’t Over Think which is due to drop on January 12th. Defiantly looking forward to this one, check out the new track below.



Joey Bada$$ – On & On ft Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis

Badmon can do no wrong! Just two weeks before he drops his debut album B4.DA.$$, Joey Bada$$ has decided to give us another taste with his latest offering titled On & On which features Maverick Sabre & Dyemond Lewis. On & On has that classic old school sound which is evident in pretty much all of Joey’s work, this time the new track has a soulful touch to it with Maverick Sabre providing a soothing hook. On & On is the fourth single released from B4.DA.$$ following on from Christ Conscious, No. 99 and Curry Chicken, I think its safe to say this is going to be the number one hip hop album of 2015! Listen to the killer track below.


Dizzee Rascal – Pagans

Dizzee Rascal has returned with his latest single Pagans, a hard hitting track that thankfully highlights Dizzee’s rapid lyricism (something that has been missing from MC over the last couple of years). Providing the throbbing beat for this one is UK grime master Footsie, the Newham Generals member also provides production for Dizzies other new single Couple Of Stacks which is part of the Pagans EP. Along with this killer track comes one of the best video’s of the year, a kung fu inspired masterpiece that pays homage to early kung fu movies, something I’m sure RZA would be proud of. 2015 looks like we could have the old Dizzee back (Thank Fuck!) Check out the wicked clip below.


Joey Bada$$ – Curry Chicken

Joey Bada$$ has given us another taste of his debut album B4.DA.$$ which is expected to drop in less than a month on the 20th of January. The new track titled Curry Chicken is produced by regular collaborator Statik Selektah but I’m sure you already new that after hearing the legendary producers iconic scratching within the first 45 seconds. Curry Chicken is another impressive track that adds to Joey’s incredible arsenal of music, the young rapper can do no wrong at the moment. Taking things down a notch Curry Chicken provides a soulful atmosphere that sees Joey bring a smooth and polished flow that will have you listening to each and every word. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again B4.DA.$$ will be the best hip hop album of 2015!  


Ghostface Killah & Sheek Louch – Wu-Block Biznez

Ghostface Killah just won’t stop releasing music! In the past month we have seen the Stanton Island rapper drop two albums, one being his incredible solo project 36 Seasons while the other being Wu-Tang’s 20th anniversary album A Better Tomorrow. Also on the way is BADBADNOTGOOD’s album Sour Soul which happens to feature Ghost on every track. However; it doesn’t stop there today we get our first listen to a new track from Ghost & Sheek Louch which will appear on the follow up album to their 2012 record Wu Block and is expected to drop early next year. The track is called Wu-Block Biznez and it adds to the astonishing catalogue of songs Ghost has been a part of this year. Both rappers show off their talent by providing exceptional verses over one hell of an epic beat (Ghost’s flow is soo dope!). The album which will be called Hidden Gems is expected to drop in January and is rumoured to feature Wu-Tang members GZA, Masta Killa, Cappadonna along with Styles P and The Lox. 2015 is shaping up to be a great year for hip hop. Check out the new track below.


Bishop Nehru – Breath (Prana/$pirit)

Young gun Bishop Nehru has been a busy man this year, the Rockland County rapper teamed up with hip hop veteran MF DOOM to release their collaborative album NehruvianDOOM. Nehru impressed on his debut studio album and a month or so later he also appeared on Australian electronic producer duo Flight Facilities debut album Down to Earth with the track Why Do You Feel. The features didn’t stop there, just this month Nehru made his way onto the track K.I.N.G from Brooklyn up and comer Astro’s debut album as well. Now Nehru has finally taken a bit of time to do some solo work which brings us to his latest release Breath (Prana/$pirit). A slower jam this time featuring some killer word play and a dope Erykah Badu sample. Bishop Nehru is definitely one of the game’s future stars, at the moment there aren’t many MC’s who are making an impression but artists like Nehru and Joey Bada$$ continue to keep the faith!


Joey Bada$$ – No. 99

What’s my name? Badmon! That’s right Joey lets us know who he is in his latest cut from his upcoming highly anticipated album B4.DA.$$. The track is produced by frequent collaborator Statik Selektah and features that classic boom bap style that we are used to hearing from Joey. Along with this incredible new track comes one of the best video clips I have seen in a long time, a man hunt is on for Badmon! I can just imagine how crazy this song will go off love. For me artists like Joey Bada$$ are the future of hip hop, this guy can’t do much wrong everything he has released this year has been straight fire not to mention his previous mixtapes especially 1999B4.DA.$$ is scheduled for a January 20 release next year which also happens to be Joey’s 20th birthday. Mark my words this will be album of the year! Along with the new track featured below is also the tracklist for B4.DA.$$ and it sounds incredibly dope!

1. “Save The Children”
2. “Greenbax (Introlude)”
3. “Paper Trail$”
4. “Piece of Mind”
5. “Big Dusty”
6. “Hazeus View”
7. “Like Me” (Feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)
8. “Belly of the Beast” (Feat. Chronixx)
9. “No. 99″
10. “Christ Conscious”
11. “On & On” (Feat. Maverick Sabre & Dymeond Lewis)
12. “Escape 120″ (Feat. Raury)
13. “Black Beetles”
14. “O.C.B.”
15. “Curry Chicken”
16. “Run Up On Ya” (Feat. Action Bronson & Elle Varner) (Bonus Track)
17. “Teach Me” (feat. Kiesza) (Bonus Track)


Ghostface Killah – Homicide ft Nems & Shawn Wigs

And they just keep on coming! Ghost has leaked yet another track off his upcoming project 36 Seasons. This time Nems & Shawn Wigs jump on board for the boom bap sounding joint which is produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations. I said it before and I’ll say it again 36 Seasons is on the road to becoming the best album of 2014, every track that has been released so far has been nothing short of amazing and we are still yet to hear the Pharoahe Monch collaboration! If you would like to find out if 36 Seasons will be the best album of the year you can head over to as they are streaming the album in its entirety (I like to wait until the release date and listen to my own physical copy). The album drops on December 9 make sure you grab a copy! In the mean time check out Homicide below.


De La Soul – The People ft Chuck D

Legendary group De La Soul have teamed up with one of the strongest voices in Hip Hop, Public Enemy’s Chuck D for their latest release titled The People. The two hip hop juggernauts have combined their unique styles to bring us a very compelling track which according to De La Soul is about “our struggles and successes, our weaknesses and strengths, the experiences and trial and tribulations we have faced as human beings”. The beat has a funky jazz vibe however; the main focus here is on the powerful lyrics. This is hip hop with meaning, how it should be! Listen to the track below or you can download the track for free over at De La Soul’s website.


Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – Impossible Dream ft Sean Price & Bleu Davinci

After just dropping their incredible album Blasphemy, Apollo Brown and Ras Kass have decided to release a non-album bonus track titled Impossible Dream. Joining them on this epic chilled out track is the legendary Sean Price and cousin of Rass Kass Bleu Davinci. The track features a cool sample while the hook is taken from the classic words of Nas ’cause sleep is the cousin of death’. Everyone spits a dope verse on this one however; Sean Price is a defiant stand out. This track is for the real hip hop heads, quality music! Go and cop the album Blasphemy and check out the new track below.


Chris Miles – Topic Of Discussion

This kid is 15 years old! Yes that’s right Chris Miles is a 15 year old rapper who has recently signed a $1.5 million dollar deal with Warner Music Group. The young up and comer has been showing some promising signs lately however his latest offering Topic Of Discussion is incredibly dope. Produced by legendary producer Statik Selektah (who has been lending his skills almost everywhere lately), the track sees 15 year old Chris Miles deliver a smooth and polished flow that is better than a lot of garbage that is out today. Lets hope this young gun can mature into something special one day, the way things are going I think we will be hearing more of Chris Miles in the future. As a matter of fact his mixtape Birth of Cool drops on December 15th make sure you check it out, available through datpiff. In the mean time check out the promising rappers latest track below.


Wu-Tang Clan – A Better Tomorrow

The title track for Wu-Tang’s upcoming album A Better Tomorrow is here and it does not disappoint. This is real hip hop, the uplifting and feel good track was produced by RZA and features a sample from Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes’ 1975 single Wake Up Everybody as the hook. Method Man opens the track with his usual brilliance followed by Masta Killa who delivers an incredible verse. Cappadonna brings his A game on the third verse while Raekwon closes the track out with the best verse of the lot. The album gets released on December 2nd and after hearing this quality track hopes are now high for an amazing record! Wu-Tang really is forever! Listen to piece of brilliance below.


Ghostface Killah – Blood In the Streets ft AZ

As predicted Ghostface Killah has released yet another track from his upcoming project 36 Seasons which is shaping up to be one of the best albums of the year. AZ is on board again for the new track titled Blood On the Streets, the New York rapper has already featured on two of the previous three releases from the album and will appear on another two tracks still to come. Blood On the Streets is possibly the best release from the album thus far, both GFK and AZ spit pure mayhem over a groovy guitar riff that kind of sounds like something from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The pair sound like they are on a mission to get some bloody revenge on this one “I’m taking out kneecaps of anyone standing, Perfect timing, perfect planning, I’m fillin’ funeral homes and graves, it’s no surprise GFK, the only one to survive”.

At the rate things are going we might hear the whole album before it actually gets released, I’m not saying that’s a bad thing however; make sure you support real hip hop and buy the album when it does get released. We need more hip hop like this! Check out the epic track below.



Flying Lotus – Masquatch ft MF DOOM

Flying Lotus has decided to release another track from his Flylo FM station off the new Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack. Last week we heard Medication Meditation which features Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs N Harmony, now the experimental DJ has released Masquatch, a grimy track that features the one and only MF DOOM. Its been a while since we last heard DOOM on the mic, the veteran rapper only had a few words to say on his collaborative album NehruivanDOOM with up and comer Bishop Nehru. This time the masked villain hovers over Flylo’s minimal beat with his gloomy flow creating two minutes of pure dopness! Listen to the track below and go and check out the tracklist for Grand Theft Auto V, Hip hop fans will not be disappointed.


Ghostface Killah – Double Cross ft AZ

Ghostface Killah’s upcoming album really sprung out of nowhere, there was almost no talk or speculation about it and now all of a sudden we have three tracks off it with the latest being Double Cross. The short two minute track features AZ, the New York rapper also featured on the album’s previous release The Battlefield along with Kool G Rap & Tre Williams. Ghost and AZ both bring their A game for this one as they did for The Battlefield however; there is something about this track that makes it stand out from the other two releases. As the titled suggests the song is about getting set up and screwed over, Ghost brings his iconic raspy flow whilst AZ finishes the track off with his standard polished flow which sounds on point over the piano led beat. 36 Seasons is really gearing up to be one of the best albums of the year, it is due to drop on the 9th of December and it wouldn’t surprise me if we heard one more track before its release. Check out the quality track below and be sure to look up the other two releases The Battlefield and Love Don’t Live Here No More.



Flying Lotus – Medication Meditation ft Krayzie Bone

Gaming fans must be pretty excited after the release of the new next-gen edition of Grand Theft Auto V yesterday however; I think hip hop fans are just as hyped after hearing what new songs will appear on the soundtrack. Danny Brown and Action Bronson have a new collaborative track titled Bad News which will appear on the Radio Los Santos channel, also appearing on the Radio Los Santos channel is a new track from Freddie Gibbs and Mike Dean titled Sellin’ Dope.
The real excitement comes on Flying Lotus’ station Flylo FM which will be showcasing a new track from hip hop veteran MF DOOM titled Masquatch. Alongside DOOM’s new track is a new release titled Medication Meditation from Flying Lotus featuring Bone Thugs N Harmony member Krayzie Bone. The track features that classic chilled production from Flylo with Krayzie Bone bringing his signature flow which is to fast for us to really understand what he is saying, but you just know it’s dope!

This isn’t the first time Flying Lotus has delved into the hip hop world, earlier this year the legendary producer hooked up with both Kendrick Lamar and Snoop Dogg for songs on his latest album You’re Dead! and now he has this track with Krayzie Bone. It makes you think wouldn’t it be dope as fuck if Flylo made a whole album that just featured rappers….DO IT! Listen to Medication Meditation below!


Ghostface Killah – Battlefield ft Kool G Rap, AZ & Tre Williams

Ghostface Killah’s new concept album 36 Seasons is shaping up to be something special. We got our first taste of the record last Wednesday when Ghost released the soulful track Love Don’t Live Here No More featuring Kandance Springs. A week later and the Wu-Tang member has given us another taste, this time with the album’s opener Battlefield. Joining Ghost on this dominant track are hip hop veterans Kool G Rap and AZ who both contribute powerful verses whilst Tre Williams provides a soulful, bluesy hook. Battlefield is a vigorous track from what I think is going to be an incredible album, Ghost’s story telling ability is amazing and will hopefully create a compelling project.


Flight Facilities – Why Do You Feel ft Bishop Nehru

First of all it is so dope to see producers from my hometown of Sydney hook up with one of my favourite up and coming rappers from America and what’s even doper is that the track is fucking incredible. Why Do You Feel is off Flight Facilities debut album Down to Earth and features American rapper Bishop Nehru (if you don’t know who he is I highly suggest you look him up!). The production on this track is incredible, everything from the gentle piano keys to the majestic sample in the background its just perfection. Lets not forget Nehru though, the New York rappers smooth flow puts the icing on the cake to create one of my favourite tracks of the year. This year has been a good year for Nehru and rightfully so, the young rapper teamed up with hip hop veteran MF DOOM and released a nine track LP titled NehruvianDOOM (which is dope as fuck). He has also been hard at work on his own debut album which we will hopefully see next year and obviously he has this amazing track under his belt now. Big ups to both Flight Facilities and Bishop Nehru on this one! brilliant work. Listen to the track below if you like what you hear then go and cop Flight Facilities debut album Down to Earth and Bishop Nehru’s collaborative album NehruvianDOOM.



Ghostface Killah – Love Don’t Live Here No More ft Kandace Springs

Ghostface Killah has released a new track from his upcoming concept album 36 Seasons which is expected to drop roughly a week after the highly anticipated Wu-Tang Clan record A Better Tomorrow. The new track highlights ghost’s raspy flow and features Kandace Springs on the hook who sounds so soulful don’t you agree? As I mentioned before 36 Seasons will be a concept album in which Ghost will recreate himself as a superhero who is on a mission to save his community from corrupt authorities and urban decay. Joining him on this mission will be fellow rappers such as Kool G Rap, Pharoahe Monch and AZ who features on five tracks. Ghost has been quite busy this year which is good to see, the Staten Island rapper will be appearing on every track on BADBADNOTGOOD’s new record plus obviously the new Wu-Tang project and now this. So I think it’s safe to say we can expect some quality music coming from the legendary rapper. Check out the new track plus the tracklist for the new album below!

01. The Battlefield (Feat. Kool G Rap, AZ & Tre Williams)
02. Love Don’t Live Here No More (Feat. Kandace Springs)
03. Here I Go Again (Feat. AZ & Rell)
04. Loyalty (Feat. Kool G Rap & Nems)
05. It’s a Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Feat. The Revelations)
06. The Dog’s of War (Feat. Shawn Wigs & Kool G Rap)
07. Emergency Procedure (Feat. Pharoahe Monch)
08. Double Cross (Feat. AZ)
09. Bamboo’s Lament (Feat. Kandace Springs)
10. Pieces of the Puzzle (Feat. AZ)
11. Homicide (Feat. Nems & Shawn Wigs)
12. Blood in the Streets (Feat. AZ)
13. Call My Name
14. I Love You For All Seasons (Feat. The Revelations)


Hopsin – Mr. Blackman

Hopsin’s latest release lives on the soundtrack for Justin Simien’s directional debut Dear White People. The film is about the lives of four black students at an Ivy League college and is presented as a timely satire about the modern black struggle. Hopsin takes a different approach to this track compared to his usual style. The song has a strong gospel feel to it with Hopsin bringing a smooth polished flow talking about his own struggle with race relations. I’m really digging this one from Hopsin and it also features some really dope beat boxing throughout. Unfortunately they only have the clean version on youtube but it’s still dope, check it out below and be sure to watch the film as well.


Eminem – Detroit vs Everybody ft Royce Da 5’9”, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Trick Trick & Dej Loaf

Only hours after releasing the epic SHADY CXVPHER, Eminem has returned to bring us the feature heavy track Detroit vs Everybody. The 6 minute onslaught which will appear on the SHADY XV album features fellow Detroit rappers Royce Da 5’9”, Big Sean, Danny Brown, Trick Trick and Dej Loaf.
Produced by the legendary Statik Selektah this new track features some epic verses from some of Detroit’s finest however; it also features some un-necessary ones as well. Royce opens the track and is brilliant as usual, I really believe he has one of the best flows in hip hop at the moment and cannot wait for his new album with DJ Premier. Big Sean who I was sceptical about being on the record at first actually brings the heat and spits an incredible verse with a flow that fits perfectly to Statik’s solid beat. Eminem closes the track with his usual brilliance although I would have liked to see him go back to his old school flow for this one but nonetheless its still an epic performance.
Now for me the problem lies with Danny Brown, his verse is weak if you can actually understand what he is saying and just doesn’t fit in with the quality brought by the others. My next problem is with Dej Loaf, personally I think the track could have done without her. Straight bars without a hook would have been more epic but that’s only a minor problem. Trick Trick really doesn’t do anything so I don’t have anything to say about his appearance.
Overall its a quality track Royce, Sean and Em all bring their A game however; personally I think it could have been done a bit better.

Check the song out below and make sure you buy the album on the 24th of November!

Wu-Tang Clan – Ruckus In B Minor

How can hip hop be dead when Wu-Tang is forever! The legendary rap crew have released a new track that is free when you pre-order the groups new album A Better Tomorrow on iTunes. All members play a part in this epic track with even the late ODB (RIP) making an appearance in the intro and outro (As if he never left). This is the third release from Wu-Tang this year and in my opinion it’s their best so far, whilst Ron O’neal and Keep Watch are still dope tracks, Ruckus In B Minor has that Wu-Tang feel to it. The track chops and changes and shows the true talent from this legendary group, the new album is expected to drop on December 2nd, make sure you’ve got the date marked on your calendars!


Hieroglyphics – Heebie Jeebies

It’s been over a year since we last heard from underground supergroup Hieroglyphics. The entire eight man army are back together and have released their latest track Heebie Jeebies which is produced by Gully Duckets. The dark track features polished flows from members Tajai, Opio, Pep Love, Casual and A-Plus. Whilst most members have been busy with solo work, this latest release shows signs that the lyrical masterminds are back in business, so fingers crossed we can expect more quality tunes like this in the not to distant future.




Nas – The Season

If you haven’t heard this track by now then stop what you are doing immediately and turn your speakers up because Nas has released quite possibly the best track of the year! The legendary rapper appeared at a Run the Jewels album release in Brooklyn two nights ago and premiered his latest masterpiece titled The Season. The epic track which uses the late J Dilla’s famous beat Gobstopper from his iconic album Donuts is exactly what you would expect when you combine two of the greats together. Nas’ flow is next level on this one and combine’s so perfectly with Dilla’s beat, it really is a modern day classic. Nas is one of the few artists who has been consistently amazing throughout his whole career and this track continues to show why he is considered to be one of the greatest MC’s of all time.

Have a listen to the killer track below!



LL Cool J – Tell Tha World

The smoothest voice in Hip Hop is at it again! That’s right Mr Smith aka LL Cool J has released his latest single Tell Tha World, a soulful melody that will appear on his upcoming album G.O.A.T 2. It’s been over a year since we last heard from the New York rapper who’s last album Authentic received rather average reviews. This time round though the future of funk brings his A game by delivering that signature smooth flow that we all love to hear. The song also features young gun Lil Leaky who fits in perfectly with the chilled out vibes. At the moment Hip Hop is being overshadowed by a lot of commercial, mainstream bullshit however; It’s good to know that there is still some real Hip Hop out there. Keep making that beautiful music Uncle L, the world needs it!


PRhyme – Courtesy

If you’re one of those people who believes that hip hop is dead you might want to take a listen to the latest track from DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9″. The duo known as PRhyme have released their first single titled “Courtesy” which will appear on their upcoming LP. When these two get together amazing things happen just look back Royce’s 2002 single “Boom” arguably the rappers best song, fast forward 12 years and the pair have decided to release a combined album which you just know is going to be dope. “Courtesy” is exactly what you would expect from these two legends, Royce murders each verse whilst Premo provides a crisp organ-led beat. The album is due for release on December 8th with the track list revealing features from fellow legends Common and Jay Electronica, this could very well turn out to be album of the year… stay tuned!


Run The Jewels – Close Your Eyes (And Count To Fuck) ft. Zach De La Rocha

Killer Mike & EI-P have just dropped a new track from their upcoming second album “RTJ2” and to top it off it features Rage Against the Machine’s frontman Zach De La Rocha. The heavy track sees a stellar performance from Killer Mike & EI-P as per usual however; La Rocha is the main man here stealing the show with his gritty, hard hitting flow. “RTJ2” is due for release on the 28th of this month and the duo will also be hitting our shores over the new year playing a string of shows including falls festival and the Hi Fi alongside Joey Bada$$…. It’s going to be an epic summer!


L’Orange – Entering The Silence ft. Red Pill

L’Orange released his fourth album earlier in the year and now on top of that the North Carolina rapper has released a nine track EP titled “After The Flowers”. The production on this project is sensational, L’Orange who produced the whole EP combines smooth beats with some really cool samples to create a flawless piece of art. The highlight track for me is the sample heavy “Entering the Silence” which features fellow Mellow Music Group member Red Pill. Both artist’s bring a polished flow that combines well with the crisp production to give us a fine piece of hip hop! “After the Flowers” is available as a free download over at I highly recommend you get on that!


Father – Look At Wrist (Remix) ft The Cool Kids

As soon as I saw The Cool Kids on this remix my excitement levels went through the roof, unfortunately those levels came crashing down after I actually listened to this annoying piece of garbage. Now experimental rap isn’t my favourite genre by a long shot however; there are some artists out there who have perfected the sound, this on the other hand is just plain shit. Father who is an artist I had never heard before and I’m quite glad I haven’t is incredibly annoying on this track, I mean if I hear the word wrist one more time I’m going to flip. It’s disappointing to hear The Cool Kids on such a bad track as well, they are so much better then this and with a new album along the way lets hope it sounds nothing like this!


QuESt – Back & More

It was only last month that Visionary Music Group’s QuESt released “Searching Sylvan” his most powerful and creative mixtape to date. A month later and the upcoming rapper has released a new track titled “Back & More”… and its great. QuESt sticks with the chilled vibes that we heard from “Searching Sylvan” to create a smooth melodic joint that really draws the listener in. His smooth flow and heartfelt lyrics are a joy to listen to, the future looks bright for one of the most creative up and comers in the game.


Redman – Rockin Wit Marley Marl

Redman digs deep into the hip hop archives for his latest release “Rockin Wit Marley Marl” which will appear on his upcoming project “Muddy Waters 2: The Preload”. The veteran rapper explodes over Doug E Fresh & the Get Fresh Crew’s “The Show” and judging by his humorous lyrics he seems to be having a good time. Its obvious that Red is just fucking around and having some fun with this one and yet still he manages to be better than 90% of the garbage that is released today.”Muddy Waters 2: The Preload” is available for pre-order over at Redman’s website right now, I suggest you get on asap!


A$AP ROCKY – Multiply

When “Long.Live.A$AP” dropped back in early January last year I must admit I was caught up in A$AP fever. Tracks like “Fuckin Problems”, “Goldie”, “Train” and “PMW” were constantly on repeat on my ipod for quite some time. Since then the New York City rapper has been fairly quiet and has slowly made his way to the bottom of my playlists. Now the 26 year old is back with a new track titled “Multiply” however; it fails to make a big impression. Rocky’s flow in the first quarter sounds promising but then its all downhill from there. The second half of the track sees him get into his syrup-y style flow which ends up being quite repetitive. A$AP’s highly anticipated sophomore album is due for release very soon according to the man himself, hopefully it lives up to the anticipation because at the moment he still lives at the bottom of my playlists.


Joey Bada$$ – Christ Conscious

It was only last week that Joey Bada$$ gave us a taste of some new music with “Get Paid” your typical boom bop sounding track we have come to expect from the young rapper. One week later and the Brooklyn native is at it again releasing a darker track this time titled “Christ Conscious”. The grimey ballad which will feature on Joey’s highly anticipated “B4DA$$” showcases the MC’s raw flow and is definitely a step in the right direction. Joey spits some serious rhymes in this beast of a track, the way things are going “B4DA$$” could be heading towards classic status!


Joey Bada$$ – Get Paid

While the hip hop world anxiously awaits the release of “B4DA$$”, Joey Bada$$ has decided to give fans a taste of what is to come by releasing “Get Paid” a track that believe it or not, did not make the cut for the album. “Get Paid” is your typical Bada$$ track, it features the Brooklyn rappers trademark boom bop style that we have all grown to love. If this track didn’t make the cut for “B4DA$$” than I can’t wait to hear what actually did, expectations are at an all time high. Hopefully he can bring it home.


Kendrick Lamar – i

Its the moment we have all been waiting for, K Dot aka Kendrick Lamar has finally released the first single off his sophomore album that is scheduled to drop later this year. The Compton rapper teased us last week when he unveiled the artwork for the track however; last night we finally got to hear what is definitely one of the most anticipated tracks of the year and to be honest I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. The upbeat track which features production from Rahki sees Kendrick rapping over a Isley Brothers sample of their 1973 hit “That Lady”. As I said before I really don’t know how I feel about this one, I mean the songs not bad however; at the same time its nothing special either, personally I don’t think it lived up to the hype or maybe my expectations were to high. Nonetheless I’m still excited about the new album which is yet to have a title or release date.


Mary J. Blige – Whole Damn Year

Mary J. Blige’s latest track “Whole Damn Year” is a prime example of why the singer is considered to be the queen of soul. The new single which will appear on her upcoming LP “The London Sessions” is a passionate symphony that grabs the listener and takes them on an emotional ride. Blige lets it all out over a smooth piano beat as she talks about the struggle and pain caused from a rough break up. “The London Sessions” is Blige’s thirteenth studio album and its shaping up to be one of her best.


Yelawolf – Till It’s Gone
Yelawolf is back with a brand new track titled “Till It’s Gone” and to be honest its pretty average (like majority of his work). A lot of people are praising the southern rappers new sound however; I don’t see what all the hype is about, the acoustic guitar riffs and corny hook combine to create a soft rock vibe which really isn’t my cup of tea. Eminem who I consider to be the greatest MC of all time signed Yelawolf to Shady Records back in 2011 and to this day it is still a decision I will never understand, but hey that’s just my opinion.


Clockwork Indigo – Butterfly Effect
Flatbush Zombies have combined with the Underachievers to create hip hops newest supergroup “Clockwork Indigo”. Their first release is titled “Butterfly Effect”, a seven minute verbal onslaught from all five members over a dark and gloomy beat produced by Eric Arc Elliot. Each member raises the bar on this beast of a track, very keen to hear more from these guys in the future.


B-Real feat Snoop Lion – Anybody
Usually I’m a big fan of B-Real, I love all his previous solo material and of course his work with Cypress Hill however; his latest track “Anybody” which features Snoop “Lion” fails to grab my attention. The beat sounds a lot like majority of the mainstream hip hop that is out at the moment which is upsetting because I’m used to hearing B-Real on some dope old school vibes. Snoop dogg or lion or whatever he goes by these days also fails to impress which is kind of expected or maybe I’m just being to critical. Don’t get me wrong though B-Real still spits some tight lyrics, I just hope we will hear some more classic sounds on his upcoming project “Dr.Greenthumb”.


SBTRKT feat Raury – Higher

New comer Raury first burst onto the scene last month with his debut mixtape “Indigo Child”, the singer/songwriter’s chilled style and indie like sound raised a few eyebrows, especially those of British dance producer SBTRKT. The masked DJ has recruited the young artist for his latest release titled “Higher” which will appear on his upcoming album “Wonder When We Land”. The songs soothing beat mixes well with Raury’s mellow flow and personally I think this is the young singers best work to date, better than anything from “Indigo Child”. Lets hope we hear more from these two in the future.


Astro – 88

Astro a.k.a The Astronomical Kid has released a new track titled “88” that will appear on his upcoming EP “Computer Era” which is scheduled for an October release. Everything about this track is dope! The beat has that classic 90’s hip hop feel to it as does his smooth flow that reminds me of the late Big L however; in no way am I comparing the two. The film clip also has that old school vibe to it showcasing the young rapper doing his thing around great scenes of New York. Astro who I must mention is only 18 years old is defiantly an artist to keep an eye on and if you haven’t heard his earlier work I highly suggest you check it out, last year he released two mixtapes titled “Starvin Like Marvin For A Cool J Song” and “Deadbeats & Lazy Lyrics” which really blew me away. His story telling ability on tracks like “Lisa” and “Cordoroy Couch” are quite compelling whilst his flow on tracks such as “Didn’t Know” and “Flow” are remarkable. Keep an ear out for “Computer Era” which will be dropping in October, the future looks promising!


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