New Music: HorseShoe Gang – Half A Meal

HorseShoe Gang – Half A Meal 

Remember last week when Funk Volume sent out a challenge on Sway in the Morning that they would battle anyone for $500,000? Well that challenge has been accepted and by the sound of things Funk Volume may need to dig deep into their pockets.

The reply comes from California powerhouse HorseShoe Gang. The four brothers from Long beach have stepped up to the plate and delivered one brutal diss titled Half A Meal that is sure to have the Funk Volume boys concerned. Hopsin may have said ‘Anybody in human existence can stand in front of us and we would demolish them‘ however; after hearing HorseShoe gang’s reply he might not be as confident anymore.

I absolutely love this whole idea and personally cannot wait to hear how Funk Volume will reply. Being a fan of both groups its hard to say if Funk Volume will be able to trump HorseShoe’s diss. That being said I’m sure Hopsin and the boys won’t go down without a fight. So keep your ears pealed because there is sure to be a response in the coming days!

Check out HorseShoe Gang’s brutal diss below!


New Music: Method Man – Lifestyles ft Freaky Marciano, Cardi & Eazy Get Rite

Method Man – Lifestyles ft Freaky Marciano, Cardi & Eazy Get Rite

Method Man’s new album The Meth Lab drops next week however; with all these releases it feels like I have already heard the whole thing. The latest cut is titled Lifestyles and features up and comers Freaky Marciano, Cardi and Eazy Get Rite. If you’re expecting to hear that rugged Mef flow well don’t hold your breath because the Wu-Tang member is even on the track.

Now after listening to all these cuts from the upcoming album and only hearing one Mef verse on each track or in this case none at all, I started to have my doubts with the album. After repeated listens and much thought I have finally realised that this is not a Method Man album, it is rather a platform for the legendary emcee to showcase his crew. Mef is standing back from the spotlight and focusing on other talents and for that you must show a great deal of respect.

Lifestyles is a solid tune with promising verses from all three artists. The Meth Lab is due to drop next week and should make for an interesting listen. Whist the album features a lot of new comers it also has its far share of veterans such as Redman, Streetlife, Raekwon and much more.

Check out Freaky Marciano, Cardi & Eazy Get Rite on Lifestyles below. And make sure you cop The Meth Lab next week!

New Music: Rapsody – Don’t Need It (Remix) ft Joey Bada$$

Rapsody – Don’t Need It (Remix) ft Joey Bada$$

Joey Bada$$ seems to be having a rather busy year thus far. The Brooklyn native released his incredible debut album B4.DA.$$ back in January and has followed it up with numerous features throughout the year. To add to that long list of features Joey has now teamed up with hip hop’s leading woman right now Rapsody. The ex Kooley High member made her breakthrough back in 2010 with the release of her second mixtape Return of the B-Girl. Since then Rapsody has continued to make ripples throughout the hip hop world and finally released her debut solo album The Idea of Beautiful in 2012.

As front runners of the new generation of hip hop it was only a matter of time before these two got together on a track…and what a dope track it is. Whilst it may not be an original cut, this remix of Don’t Need it from Rapsody’s 2014 mixtape Beauty and the Beast is still filled with some fresh vibes. As I mentioned before Joey Bada$$ jumps on here to lend some serious bars and wicked wordplay. The Pro Era member provides his signature rugged flow that we have all grown to love while Rapsody delivers some new lyrics that prove she is on top of her game. Whilst it is a remix the chorus performed by Merna and Young Guru’s production have been kept the same as the original… no complaints there.

Check out the remix below and make sure you go see Joey Bada$$ on his work tour which will be hitting Australian shores in December. Enjoy!

New Music: Jay Rock – 90059 ft Lance Skiiwalker

 Jay Rock – 90059 ft Lance Skiiwalker

TDE member Jay Rock drops another track following up from Gumbo his release from earlier in the year. The new record is titled 90059 which is a reference to his hometown zip code of LA, California. Joining Jay on this track is the lesser known Lance Skiiwalker, whilst Taebeast provides the dark and rugged beat. Will this track appear on Jay Rocks highly anticipated debut album which is still yet to have a title? Who knows, who even knows when this album will see the light of day. What we do know is that it is sure to be one dope album when it does eventually get released.

90059 is a raw track that sees Jay drop some incredibly aggressive bars. The hook sounds very familiar, maybe its just me but tell me that doesn’t sound like the legendary ODB! I reckon if you asked Jay he would say that there is some influence from the Wu-Tang member, there has to be. Jay Rock is definitely the under achiever of TDE, most of the time he doesn’t receive the credit that he deserves. The boy has some serious talent and hopefully the world will get to see that soon enough with the release of his debut album.

Until then just keep enjoying the music that he is releasing and keep your ears and eyes peeled for Jay’s debut album, its gotta be coming soon. Listen to 90059 featuring Lance Skiiwalker below.

New Music: Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids

Mac Miller – 100 Grandkids

Mac Miller is back and by the sound of his latest offering he is better than ever. 100 Grandkids is the name of the track and it is the first release from his upcoming album Good A.M. Sending out some feel-good vibes Mac’s first release of the year is easily one of the dopest, and that’s saying something given the year we have had so far. This is the exact type of record I want to hear from Mac Miller, yes I have enjoyed his music in the past but personally I think this track is on another level.

The Pittsburgh native spits straight fire on this one, his wordplay in the first two verses are just plain dope! ‘I swear to God I put the hero in heroine/These flows kilos/I could sell snow to a ski slope’ I could just lay out all the lyrics its literally that good. Sha Money XL provides production and he surely does an amazing job, its the perfect beat to match Mac’s killer flow. Good A.M. will be Mac’s third album and I have to say i think it is going to be his best work to date.

Check out 100 Grandkids below and be sure to cop Good A.M. when it is released on September 18 next month. Even the video clip is wicked! Most Dope!

New Music: Mathas – Free Shit ft Ylem & Mei Saraswati

Mathas – Free Shit ft Ylem & Mei Saraswati

Having just signed with Big Village Records the incredibly talented Mathas has released his latest single titled Free Shit. The track will appear on the Perth emcee’s highly anticipated sophomore album Armwrestling Atlas which is due to drop in October this year. Joining Mathas on this killer tune is fellow WA vocalist Mei Saraswati who provides a soulful touch with her smooth vocals. Completing this full WA ordeal is producer Ylem who lays down a serene, dream-like beat (in other words its dope as fuck).

Emerging from the murky corners of Perth Mathas has made quite the name for himself over the years. Having won numerous awards such as WAM Urban Artist of the year in 2012, 2013 & 2014 the accomplished emcee continues to deliver thought provoking music that is inspiring to say the least. His unique flow and purposeful lyrics are a breath of fresh air in a time where commercial garbage is polluting the airwaves.

Free Shit is an awesome piece of work, from the profound lyrics ‘You are only what you own/You can one day have it all/The playing field is level/Keep kicking that pebble’ all the way to the wicked video clip which was created by COMBS. If this is the first time you are hearing of Mathas then I highly suggest you go check out his catalogue which is available on bandcamp. Everything this guy produces it top quality and by the look of things he has no plan of slowing down, especially now that he has signed with Big Village Records.

Peep Free Shit below and be sure to cop Armwrestling Atlas when it gets released through Big Village Records & The Community records in October this year.

New Music: Warren G – Keep On Hustlin’ ft Jeezy, Bun B & Nate Dogg

New Music: Warren G – Keep On Hustlin’ ft Jeezy, Bun B & Nate Dogg 

Last month Warren G shared the first track from his upcoming EP Regulate… G Funk Era II (a follow up to his debut album Regulate… G Funk Era). The track was titled My House and whilst it featured the first posthumous Nate Dogg vocals that we have heard in some time, it wasn’t that sound we are all familiar with, it just didn’t sound like the Nate Dogg we all love and miss.

Well now the G Child has released another cut from the upcoming album titled Keep On Hustlin’ and it also happens to feature Nate Dogg on the hook. However; this time those soulful vocals are in full effect, this is the Nate Dogg I remember! Goosebumps from head to toe hearing that beautiful voice again. Joining Warren G & Nate on this one is the likes of Jeezy and Bun B who both deliver a stellar performance. Warren G is back ladies and gentlemen and whilst it very well could be for the last time, at least he is going out with a bang. Cannot wait to hear the rest of this EP!

Have a listen to Keep On Hustlin’ below and be sure to cop the EP when it is released some time later this year. R.I.P. Nate Dogg! The greatest voice in hip hop lives on!

Rewind: Kanye West – Family Business

I’m taking it back to 2004 for this week’s Rewind with Kanye West’s soulful tribute Family Business. The track is off Kanye’s debut masterpiece The College Dropout and it serves as a tribute to the god brother of Tarrey Torae, who is one of the many collaborators on the album. First let me talk about The College Dropout and what an incredible album it was and still is.  Whilst many argue that My Dark Twisted Fantasy is Kanye’s greatest work, I personally think that College Dropout is his number one album. Everything about this album is super dope. The style that Kanye had back then was something else, it was so smooth and eloquent, a mile away from what it is today unfortunately. The album was musically engaging and you could feel the passion in every song, it is just one of the most real albums in hip hop.

My favourite song off the album and this weeks Rewind as mentioned before is track #20 Family Business. I still remember the first time I heard this track and it just blew me away, I literally listened to it about 20 or 30 times in a row, no bullshit! Whilst all the tracks on College Dropout were amazing none connected quite like Family Business. The soulful singing, the impassioned beat and Kanye’s polished vocals all combine to create an intimate experience. Unlike the Kanye of today, Family Business highlighted that money and riches don’t mean a thing which is what makes it such a powerful and beautiful track. What I would do to have the old Kanye back!

Anyways enjoy Kanye West’s Family Business from his debut album The College Dropout, your Rewind of the week!