‘Motherfuckers Act Like They Forgot About Dre!’ (Ice Cube Says ‘New Dre Album On the Way’)

Dr. Dre to Release New Album as ‘Straight Outta Compton’ Soundtrack

Whilst it may not be the album we have so desperately been waiting for (Detox) fans can finally rejoice as news has surfaced that Dr. Dre will be releasing new music. In an interview with the Rise & Grind Morning Show on Philadelphia’s Power 99 fellow N.W.A. member Ice Cube let slip that Dre would be releasing a soundtrack for the Straight Outta Compton biopic. The soundtrack is expected to feature new music from the beat maestro along with some new tracks from the likes of Eminem and Kendrick Lamar. If that’s not enough to get fans pumped rumour has it that the soundtrack will also feature brand new music from N.W.A. however; it is unsure which members are exactly involved (we are praying it’s all surviving members). Dre is expected to announce the news on his Beats 1 radio program The Pharmacy this Saturday.

The movie which tells the story of the notorious group is due out next month and whilst Cube said the soundtrack would be released on the same day as the movie, other sources have said that the soundtrack will be released at a later date. The sooner the better but to be honest who cares about when it’s released lets just praise the Lord that we are finally going to hear some new Dre! and not just Dre but new N.W.A., new Em and new Kendrick, its every hip hop fans wet dream come true.

As I said before it may not be Detox but it is definitely the next best thing, as a matter of fact it could possibly be the best thing. Keep your ears peeled because by the sound of things this soundtrack should be out in the next month or so. Straight Outta Compton is in cinemas next month and you can check out the trailer below and also the Ice Cube interview with Power 99.


‘Fuck A Beat I’ll Go A Cappella!’ Eminem Delivers One of His Best Freestyles to Date!

Last year Eminem bedazzled fans with his next level freestyle on the Shady CXVPHER. The seven minute onslaught was nothing short of amazing and showed the world that Shady was still on top of his game. Not even a year later and the Rap God has returned with what could possibly be his greatest freestyle to date. Whilst Em’s music has failed to create a spark in recent years there is no denying that his freestyle game is stronger than ever.

Appearing on Sway in the Morning to promote the upcoming film Southpaw, Eminem surprised everyone by spitting a six minute A Cappella freestyle. Barely taking a second to breathe Shady spits one of the most profane but at the same time hilarious freestyles of recent times (we wouldn’t expect anything less). No one was safe from Marshall’s onslaught as he took on a number of controversial topics, taking shots at the likes of Miley Cyrus, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, Azealia Banks and Caitlyn Jenner ‘I see the bitch in you Caitlyn, I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick’.

We may not get the music we want out of Eminem anymore however; its good to know the king still has it in him! Check out the incredible freestyle below and make sure you check out the Southpaw soundtrack which is available today!

New Music: Erick Sermon – Clutch ft Method Man & Redman

Erick Sermon – Clutch ft Method Man & Redman

The last time these three were on a track together was back in 2009 with Mrs International off Mef and Red’s second collaborative album Blackout 2. Now six years later the trio have reunited on Erick Sermon’s latest offering Clutch which will appear on his upcoming album titled E.S.P. (Erick Sermon Perception). A wicked beat supported by some soulful samples and what sounds like some catchy trumpets is accompanied by some killer verses by all three legendary emcees.

Its great to hear these guys still at there best, Method man sounds as good as he did back in the Wu-Tang days and the same can be said about Erick and Red. All three artists are expected to drop new albums this year which is a massive plus for the world of hip hop. Method Man’s The Meth Lab is expected to drop next month along with Erick’s E.S.P. whilst Redman’s Muddy Waters 2 is scheduled to be released sometime later this year. And lets not forget Blackout 3 which is also in the talks of a 2015 release. This year has already been a positive year for hip hop and things only look to be getting better with a long list of promising albums still to drop.

Check out Clutch below and make sure you cop E.S.P. when it drops on August 28.


New Music: SoulCircuit – Rolling With Me (I Got Love) ft Maverick Sabre {Nyck Caution Remix)

SoulCircuit – Rolling With Me (I Got Love) ft Maverick Sabre (Nyck Caution Remix}

It’s not the type of track you would usually expect from a Pro Era member however; Nyck caution has decided to switch things up with his latest offering which is a cool remix of SoulCircuit’s Rolling With Me (I Got Love). More commonly associated with an old school bom bap sound the Pro Era member steps out of his comfort zone and delivers a groovy deep house influenced remix which certainly pays off.

The original track which is performed by SoulCircuit and features English singer/songwriter Maverick Sabre was released earlier in the year. Hip Hop fans should recognise the lyrics as they are taken from the late G Funk king Nate Dogg’s classic track Got Love off of his second studio album Music & Me. Nyck stays close to the original on this remix but at the same time ad’s his own distinct flavour to it that gives the track a deeper grove. At the beginning of the song the Pro Era goon jumps on the mic and drops a solid verse that proves he can deliver in both areas.

Check out the remix below and keep an ear out for anything coming out of the Pro Era camp because you just know its going to be dope!


New Music: Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday

Black Eyed Peas – Yesterday

It may be cool to like the Black Eyed Peas again!

If you’re like myself and majority of the hip hop lovers out there then I’m sure you were utterly disappointed when the Black Eyed Peas transformed from a funky bom bap crew to a bunch of commercial pop divas. Their work pre Fergie (2002) is the definition of hip hop, tracks like Joint & Jam, Karma, Get Original and Cali to New York certified their position in the game. If the Black Eyed Peas sound continued down this path then I have no doubts that they would have been remembered as one of the dopest/grooviest hip hop groups alongside crews such as De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and A Tribe Called Quest.

Unfortunately though their sound took a completely different path and landed into the world of ‘commercial electro pop’. Their demise into this vortex of shit music can be traced back to their 2003 album Elephunk however; it wasn’t until the release of Monkey Business in 2005 that things truly took a turn for the worst. Whilst Elephunk stood its ground up to a point offering us a number of solid tunes such as The APL Song and The Boogie That Be, Monkey Business on the other hand managed to offer nothing but a pile of commercial pop garbage with the exception of Like That. Tracks such as My Humps and Don’t Phunk With My Heart really flipped the groups sound and image and from then on things just got worse and worse. How can a group that gave us Joints & Jam be capable of creating something like Don’t Stop the Party? Fingers are usually pointed straight at Fergie and whilst I believe she is partly at fault can she really be blamed for the demise of the Black Eyed Peas, I mean Will.i.am, Apl.de.ap and Taboo must take some of the blame as well, how could they allow for such a different direction in sound and image, couldn’t they see that this new music they were creating was commercial garbage or were the dollar signs blinding their vision?.

Now with all that being said the groups latest single Yesterday has taken a complete U-turn and goes back to that classic bom bap sound we fell in love with all those years ago. The track which funnily enough doesn’t feature Fergie pays homage to the classic hip hop of the 80’s and 90’s. The group go back to their roots by sampling and referencing a long list of records/artists from these glorious era’s and can be seen ruffling through vinyl’s at a record store further paying an ode to the golden times. Many are arguing that the video clip is a complete rip off of Erykah Badu’s Honey and whilst it certainly is I’m sure Badu would have been approached and agreed upon terms for BEP to create something similar (well at least I hope that’s what happened).

Artists that receive a shout out in this gorgeous homage include N.W.A, De La Soul, Wu-Tang Clan, Public Enemy, Black Sheep, Das EFX and many more. This is the type of music the Black Eyed Peas should be making, fuck all that commercial pop bullshit and start making more tunes like this. Hopefully their new album will consist of tracks like Yesterday, but even if it does it feels like it might be a little to late, the damage has already been done with the painful garbage they have inflicted on the world in the past 10 years.

All that being said Yesterday is easily one of my favourite releases of the year and you can listen to it below.

Rewind: The Last Emperor – Secret Wars Pt 1

The Last Emperor – Secret Wars Pt 1

With this week’s Rewind I’m taking it back to 1997 with one of the dopest songs ever written. There were a lot of incredible tracks penned in 1997 such as Wu-Tang’s Triumph, Biggie’s Ten Crack Commandments, Busta’s Put your hands where my eyes could see and LL Cool J’s Phenomenon (this list could have gone on forever) however; there was one track that flew under the radar that really shouldn’t have and that track is Secret Wars Pt 1 by The Last Emperor. The genius behind this track is just amazing, it truly is one of the coolest hip hop songs ever written.

So the track starts out with Emperor describing what it would be like to pit his favourite emcees up against some of the illest comic book characters ‘What if I had the power to gather all my favourite emcees/With the illest comic book characters, and they became arch enemies’. Emperor then sets the scene ‘The Emperor and Stan Lee would coach the two opposing teams/Keep it clean, no bats, no gats, guns, no interference’. What comes next is hands down the coolest battle of all time, Emperor goes through and describes each battle with the emcees coming out triumphant. We start off with KRS-One up against Professor X which is followed by GZA’s demolishment of Dr Strange. Up next is Reggie Noble a.k.a. Redman who overcomes Dr David Banner (The Hulk) and it doesn’t stop there with Busta Rhymes defeating Dr Octapus. Rass Kass steps up to the plate and delivers an ultra-magnetic blow to take down Magneto whilst the women step in with Lauryn Hill blasting Storm from X-Men with fellow Fugee’s member Wycleaf’s guitar.

The battle keeps going with Jeru the Damaja dominating the Beast, after that it’s time for the groups to step in with Das EFX sending the TMNT back to the sewer. The groups continue with The Boot Camp Click polishing off G.I. Joe and Cobra Mercenaries and it wouldn’t be a battle without Method Man who breezes past Wolverine. The final battle is left for Nasty Nas to take out Peter Parker.

What an amazing experience it is to listen to this track, you hang on to every word wandering who is going to come in next, how they are going to win their battle, the word play is just astonishing. Everything about track makes it a true masterpiece, definietely one of the coolest tunes ever written. What’s even better is there is a part 2 which goes for even longer featuring a whole bunch of different legendary rappers however; I don’t think it quite matches to part 1. Do yourself a favour if you haven’t heard this track before, sit back and listen to every single word, it’s nothing short of fascinating. The Last Emperor most definitely one of the most underrated lyricists in hip hop. Check Secret Wars Pt 1 below!

New Music: Joell Ortiz – Hallelujah

Joell Ortiz – Hallelujah

Joell Ortiz is definitely one of the most underrated rappers today, the Slaughterhouse member has been spitting some of the dopest bars for years now however; he doesn’t receive the credit which he deserves. Whilst the Brooklyn native admits he won’t be going double platinum anytime soon we hope his upcoming project with beat maestro !llmind will create the merit it deserves. The duo will combine to bring us an entire album titled Human which is expected to drop on July 17th, followed by a tour starting on the 22nd.

We are yet to hear any music from the album (which is killing us) however; the pair dropped by the hotnewhiphop studios the other day and came up with this 3 and a half minute track titled Hallelujah. !llmind apparently came up with the beat in the studio which shows just how much of a dope producer he is, whilst Ortiz goes hard out spitting some lethal bars that is sure to get any hip hop fan hyped up for this album.

As mentioned earlier the album is due out tomorrow so make sure you buy that shit (don’t download it) and in the meantime check out Hallelujah below.

New Music: Warren G – My House ft Nate Dogg

Warren G – My House ft Nate Dogg

Last week the ‘G Child’ Warren G announced that he would be releasing a follow up to his 1994 debut album Regulate… G Funk Era. What was most exciting about the announcement was the fact that the late Nate Dogg would appear on the album by the way of some unreleased vocals recorded before his passing back in 2011. The news sent fans like myself into overjoy as we have been anxiously waiting to hear some new vocals from the man with the golden voice, because lets face it there must be some unreleased stuff locked up in the vaults.

Now just a few days after announcing the album, Warren G has dropped its first cut and of course it features none other than the one and only Nate Dogg however; it doesn’t sound like the Nate Dogg I remember. The track which is titled My House, has a dope 90’s style beat to it with some killer verses from Warren G but when it comes to Nate Dogg’s hook I’m left scratching my head wandering if this is in fact the G Funk king. A constant loop of Nate saying the word ‘my’ in a higher pitch than usual is used as the hook which to be honest is a major let down. As the hook ends we get close to hearing that voice we are all used to when Nate sings ‘In the middle of the street’ but even still it doesn’t sound quite right.

The song takes some strong samples from both Mr Fingers’ Can You Feel It and also Madness’ Our House which can be heard in the hook. Whilst there was no mention of exactly how many songs Nate Dogg will feature on we can only hope that this is not the only one. I’m not saying the song is bad I actually think its dope however; its not exactly the Nate Dogg feature I was expecting. The EP is expected to drop in the coming months, keep an ear out for what is sure to be another G Funk spectacular. Listen to My House below!

Marvel Comics Pay Homage To Hip Hop… And It’s Dope!!

This is probably the coolest thing you will see this week!

Over the years comics and hip hop have shared a strong relationship, the likes of MF DOOM, David Banner and Jean Grae have all attained their names and look through comic book influences. Darryl McDaniels a.k.a. DMC of Run-D.M.C also has his own comic publishing house which produced a full length graphic novel titled DMC#1. And lets not forget hip hop supergroup Czarface (Inspectah Deck, 7L & Esoteric) their first album featured a brilliant comic book inspired cover created by Mishka’s Lamour Supreme whilst their latest album cover Every Hero Needs a Villain is an actual mini comic with a CD sleeve attachment at the end, easily one of the coolest album covers of all time.

Comic books in general have had an active relationship with hip hop over the years however; its Marvel who have been the most heavily engaged with the culture. Marvel have worked with numerous artists in the past such as Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon on their collaborative album Wu-Massacre, they also worked with Eminem back in 2009 for a one off comic which involved a story revolving around Slim Shady and The Punisher taking on Barracuda who is representing the Parents Music Council. Marvel also featured Eminem on the front cover of their November 2013 issue of Mighty Avengers which saw Marshall chilling side by side with Ironman. And earlier this year Marvel were inspired by hip hop duo Run the Jewels iconic fist gun salute. Enough so to feature the image on the front cover of two issues of Howard the Duck and Deadpool.

Today though the comic book giants took their ever growing relationship with hip hop to the next level by revealing a set of comic book covers that pay homage to a long list of classic hip hop album covers from artists such as Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Wu-Tang Clan, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest and many more. Whilst we only get a sneak peak of a few today the series which will drop in October is expected to feature 50 works that will pay tribute to multiple album covers from past and present hip hop artists. Showcased below are the works that were released today, as I mentioned before this is probably the coolest thing you will see all week and I cannot wait for the rest to be released in October! Enjoy!

Marvel ASAP
(Captain America #1 – LONG.LIVE.A$AP)

Marvel 50 Cent
(Invincible Iron Man #1 – Get Rich or Die Tryin’)

Marvel Biggie
(Ant Man #1 – Ready to Die)

Marvel De La Soul
(Extraordinary X-Men #1 – 3 Feet High and Rising)

Marvel Dr Dre
(Doctor Strange #1 – The Chronic)

Marvel Lauryn Hill
(Ms. Marvel #1 – The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill)

Marvel ODB
(Howard the Duck #1 – Return to the 36 Chambers)
Marvel Rakim
(Spiderman/Deadpool #1 – Paid in Full)
Marvel Tribe
(Amazing Spider-Man #1 – Midnight Marauders)
Marvel Tyler
(The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 – Wolf)
Marvel Wu Tang
(Squadron Supreme #1 – Enter the 36 Chambers)

New Music: The Underachievers – Take Your Place

The Underachievers – Take Your Place

The Underachievers are on their way to achieving the release of their sophomore album which is scheduled to be released some time this year. Whilst the duo have given us the name of the album Evermore: The Art of Duality a secure release date is yet to be assigned. To coincide with the album both AK and Issa Gold have announced they will also take off on a world tour to help promote the album (dates for the tour are also yet to be revealed).

Take Your Place is the title of the first single off the album and much to the fans delight its an absolute killer. The track features a hard hitting punch with that very familiar Flatbush sound. Both AK and Issa go extremely hard on this one spitting straight fire, showing everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with. The duo had a very big year last year, releasing their debut album Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium and also delivering their collaborative EP Clockwork Indigo with fellow Beastcoast group Flatbush Zombies (both projectes were off the hook). 2015 looks set to be just as big for the duo, already they have been constantly touring alongside Flatbush Zombies as Clockwork Indigo and now with their sophomore album in sights with a world tour in the works things could not be going any better for one of the best rising duo’s in hip hop.

Get familiar with Take Your Place below and be sure to keep an ear out for Evermore: The Art of Duality!