New Music: JD Era – Fuck Em

JD Era – Fuck Em

Its been a while since we have heard from Canadian rapper JD Era (4 months ago to be precise) however; the Toronto native has released a new track today titled Fuck Em and just like the name states he’s sending a fuck you message to anyone who stands in his way. Whilst this track is not connected to any projects we are hoping to hear more from him in the not to distant future. With a new label under his belt (Black Market Music) after leaving Raekwon’s Ice H20 records, hopefully it will be a new start with more new music to come ! Check out the new track below!


Fresh Weekly #6

Fresh Weekly #6

Its been a while since I’ve dropped one of these! Episode 6 of the Fresh Weekly features a bunch of dope tracks including some new music from Aesop Rock, Tech N9ne, Joey Bada$$ plus a fresh joint from BADBADNOTGOOD featuring Ghostface Killah and MF DOOM. Also on the playlist I include some classics from the likes of Snoop Dogg, EPMD and an absolute killer from the worlds most dangerous group N.W.A. plus much, much more. As always light a doob sit back and enjoy the dope vibes of the Fresh Weekly!


1. Aesop Rock – Cat Food
2. Snoop Dogg – Ain’t No Fun (If The Homies Cant Have None)
3. EPMD – Symphony 2000
4. Tech N9ne – Aw Yeah (interVENTion)
5. BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah – Ray Gun ft DOOM
6. Flatbush Zombies – 222
7. Lupe Fiasco – Mural
8. Joey Bada$$ – Like Me ft BJ The Chicago Kid
9. Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It
10. Kid Cudi – The Prayer
11. Freddie Gibbs – Satin Black
12. C Dot Castro – Fuck About You
13. Nas – One Time For Your Mind
14. N.W.A. – Compton’s N The House


New Music: Tech N9ne – Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)

Tech N9ne – Aw Yeah? (interVENTion)

Tech N9ne has given us a sound of what is to come from his upcoming album Special Effects with the release of Aw Yeah? (interVENTion), the first single from the project. Special Effects isn’t set to drop until May 5th however; Tech N9ne has given listeners an early taste and it has not disappointed. Aw Yeah? talks about a lot of issues from all over the world including the recent siege that happened here in Sydney ‘But why you gotta let the bodies drop in a coffee shop in Aussie?. Supported by a somewhat opera sampled beat Tech brings his energetic fast paced flow to create three minutes of mayhem. Tech N9ne has also confirmed that Eminem will feature on the new album for the track Worldwide Choppers 2. In a recent statement Tech said ‘We put our verses on ‘Worldwide Choppers 2′. We are currently awaiting Eminem’s verse. I f*cking hope he does it in time because the sh*t is f*cking dope’. Fingers crossed he does because any hip hop fan knows that this will be unbelievable! Check out Tech N9ne’s new track below!

Rewind: Run-D.M.C – Down With The King

Run-D.M.C – Down With The King

Taking it back to 1993 for this Rewind with Run-D.M.C’ Down With The King, definitely one of my favourite tracks from these legends. Down With The King was the second single from Run-D.M.C’ sixth studio album of the same name, the track peaked at number 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the groups second biggest hit next to Walk This Way. Also appearing on this track are hip hop veterans Pete Rock & CL Smooth which is all the more reason why this track is so epic! Pete Rock also provided production. Another reason why I love this track so much is because of the film clip, they definitely don’t make them like that anymore. Its so real and so authentic and features cameos from the likes of Eazy-E, Redman, KRS-One, EPMD, A Tribe Called Quest, Kriss Kross, Onyx, Salt-n-Pepa, Das EFX and Naughty By Nature, I mean how fucking cool is that! Re-live the epic track and video below!

Eminem To Release New Album This Year!

If the rumours are true we could be getting Eminem’s ninth solo album this year and by the sound of things it could be the album that die hard fans have been waiting for. Roots is said to be the name of the album with numerous websites claiming that we can expect some features from the likes of Dr.Dre and Xzibit. Apparently the news will be dropped around the same time as the Grammy’s, either at the actual event or announced through social media the same way last years SHADY XV was circulated. Now lets face it Eminem’s last three albums have not been to crash hot but if these rumours are true something tells me that this album is going to be what we have all been waiting for. With a name like Roots one can only imagine that he will be going back to the style that we all love and miss and with features from Dre and Xzibit it sounds like Em is cooking up a storm, just imagine if there is a Bitch Please III. I said I wouldn’t hold my breath for another epic Eminem album however; there’s something about this project (if its not just rumours) that has me keen as ever.

New Music: Freddie Gibbs – Satin Black ft Hanni El Khatib

Freddie Gibbs – Satin Black ft Hanni El Khatib

Converse’s ‘CONS’ EP’s have give us some amazing tunes over the last year with some rather strange collaborations. Vol 1 saw Flatbush Zombies together with Trash Talk, Vol 2 saw Black Milk combine with BADBADNOTGOOD and now Vol 3 see’s Freddie Gibbs collaborate with LA based producer Hanni El Khatib on the track titled Satin Black. Gibbs goes hard as usual over a beat that is out of his comfort zone but that’s not a negative comment about the beat, Khatib has done a killer job with the production. We hear the beat change up numerous times which keeps us eager to keep listening. A great track that has us excited for the rest of Vol 3. Check out Satin Black below!

New Music: Aesop Rock – Cat Food

Aesop Rock – Cat Food

So we haven’t heard any solo work from Aesop Rock since 2012 and then in just a matter of minutes we get two incredibly dope tracks! The first track we heard was Bug Zapper which featured a really cool funky, futuristic beat which Aesop produced himself. The next track he has released is titled Cat Food, the beat is not as heavy as Bug Zapper however; it does have that futuristic vibe to it. Whilst Aesop produced Bug Zapper, Cat Food features production from regular collaborator Blockhead and he does a solid job to say the least. Aesop goes hard on both of these new tracks with an aggressive tone that fits perfectly with the grungy production. Still no word has been spoken about a new album or anything but fingers crossed something is in the works. Check out Cat food below!

New Music: Aesop Rock – Bug Zapper

Aesop Rock – Bug Zapper

Its been a hell of a while since we last heard some solo work from Aesop rock (2012 to be exact). However; the Cali rapper has finally dropped some new solo material and its DOPE! Bug Zapper is the name of the track and it features a funky bass heavy beat that has a Run The Jewels flavour to it, I was pretty surprised to find out Aesop was behind the futuristic sound. There is no news on a new album or anything really at the moment, so lets just keep listening to this in the mean time and hopefully there will be some more tunes in the not to distant future. Take a listen to Bug Zapper below!

New Music: MC Ren – Burn Radio Burn ft Redd Tha Arsonist

MC Ren – Burn Radio Burn ft Redd Tha Arsonist

Hip Hop veteran MC Ren has been fairly quiet for some time now however; the NWA legend has released a new track titled Burn Radio Burn which targets radio DJs. The new track which also features Redd Tha Arsonist and is produced by E-A-Ski takes shots at all modern day radio DJs besides DJ Kay Slay, King Tech of the wake up show and Sway of course. Last year Ren released a track titled Rebel Music which took aim at moderns emcees, it seems the veteran is not happy with the way hip hop is portrayed nowadays… can you blame him? Burn Radio Burn is expected to be on MC Ren’s upcoming album titled Rebel Music which is rumoured to be released later this year. Check out the heated new track below!


New Music: C Dot Castro – Fuck About You

C Dot Castro – Fuck About You

He might not be the biggest name in hip hop, actually I’m pretty sure a lot of people would never have even heard of him however; C Dot Castro is certainly making a name for himself and his latest single Fuck About You is one of the reasons why. With his debut mixtape titled Don’t Over Think along the way C Dot Castro has released two tracks which will be appearing on the highly anticipated project including Kilos and his latest offering Fuck About You. Opting for a more chilled out vibe Fuck About You is a personal track that deals with the loss of friendships at the cost of fame. The song is produced by in-house beatmaker Jae Faive who we can expect to feature quite a fair bit on Don’t Over Think which is due to drop on January 12th. Defiantly looking forward to this one, check out the new track below.