New Music: Hopsin – Mr. Blackman

Hopsin – Mr. Blackman

Hopsin’s latest release lives on the soundtrack for Justin Simien’s directional debut Dear White People. The film is about the lives of four black students at an Ivy League college and is presented as a timely satire about the modern black struggle. Hopsin takes a different approach to this track compared to his usual style. The song has a strong gospel feel to it with Hopsin bringing a smooth polished flow talking about his own struggle with race relations. I’m really digging this one from Hopsin and it also features some really dope beat boxing throughout. Unfortunately they only have the clean version on youtube but it’s still dope, check it out below and be sure to watch the film as well.


2 thoughts on “New Music: Hopsin – Mr. Blackman

    1. Hey man, I had a listen to your track and it’s pretty cool bro I like it. Your vocals mix well with that beat it’s like alternative hip hop, fun vibes! Did you do everything like beat and lyrics?? The lyrics are dope, your flow from 1:18 – 1:35 is wicked. Umm the only negative thing I would say and I don’t know if this is because its only a test recording but it needs a more polished and crisp sound if you know what I mean, like it needs more of a punch it feels a bit dull. Apart from that it’s pretty good man! A unique style something a bit different nice!

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